2019/20 Elm Class Term 5

Term Themes: Young Entrepreneurs and Chocolate

Literacy – Chocolate, Sugar and Business

Learning goals we achieved throughout the term:

  • We learned about the origins of chocolate and sugar within human society.
  • We learned the problems in society that have been created by chocolate, e.g. environmental problems or income inequality.
  • We comprehended and analysed excerpts from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and how the novel represented cacao bean workers compared to working conditions of the modern cacao bean harvesting industry.
  • We learned about business, business terminology and how business calculations from mathematics effect how one pitches their business.
  • We created our own advertising modeled after modern advertising for our own businesses.
  • We created an individual business plan which was based on a meaningful product or service which people would buy.
  • We wrote business pitches designed to persuade investors to believe in their company so as to make a profit.

History and Geography

In History and Geography we looked at the trade of sugar and chocolate both today and back in the 18th century. In conjunction to entrepreneurship, we learned about the excesses and abuses that can come from business. A large focus was on the slave trade and the middle passage. We analysed why slavery was practised in the first place, the human horrors of slavery and the fundamental importance of paying a fair wage to all.

Young Entrepreneurs – We came, we saw, we sold!

Pupils worked to create their own businesses, be it in a group or individually. We sold a range of products: soap, minerals, touchscreen pens, Greek clay tablets, origami instruction manuals, painted wood, bracelets, comic books and cards.

The Business Process

  • Elms got their idea and turned it into a business plan.
  • Elms pitched their plan to the bank while asking for a loan.
  • The bank gave Elms a loan to purchase the goods that they needed for their business.
  • Elms created their products.
  • Elms sold their products to parents and other children for an income.
  • Elms paid back their loans, paid their taxes and calculated their profits.
  • The proceeds have been set aside for charity.

The Global Forest Fund of Eco-Schools

All profits from the business project have gone into a fund from Eco-Schools, the largest global sustainable schools programme. Pupils wrote about where the money could best be put to use and came up with issues such as cleaning up rivers, replanting forests and helping less fortunate individuals have better, more sustainable lives. We will make a significant contribution to the Global Forest Fund.

For more information, click on the links below:

Eco-schools: https://www.ecoschools.global/

Global Forest Fund: https://www.gff.global/

Elms got a class treat for all of their hard work: Accrobranche


Oaks had a special visit from Joshua Bradfield, a former teaching aide at the school and programmer for the Novasys Ingénierie of the Pactenovation Group. He broke down the fundamentals of programming as a series of if->then statements and loops with varying levels of complexity. Children then programmed Micro:bits, the Mbot and Scratch. Even more exciting, pupils had the chance to help Joshua program the big robot like he would have for work.

Our robot guest talked, sang and danced like the children watching it.

Pour découvrir les activités en français, téléchargez le PDF ici !

It was a fun and productive term! We wish you all a happy summer holiday and will see you next year!