Chestnut Class Term 1 – 2023

On this day we got to bring our favourite clothes and accessories to showcase our style

This term we got to know each other through our learning topic “All about me.” We got to showcase many important aspects of ourselves, such as our physical features, our family, our school, our community, our interests, and our style. We had the opportunity express ourselves in different ways and explore our differences and similarities.

All about me project

We created a portrait of oursleves by first drawing an outline of our body and decorating it with paint, Monet cut outs, and making prints of our hands and feet. During the following weeks we added images relevant to the theme of the week.

We got to show our class lots of photos of our family members during circle time. Each students had a turn to show their peers their family members and talk about their families. We also discussed what a family tree was and each student worked with the teacher to complete their own family tree.

The students often visited the hallway where their family trees were posted and talked to each other about their work.

One of the standout moments from our term was our fashion show day. The Chestnuts class had a chance to showcase their unique styles by wearing their favourite outfits and accessories. This not only allowed them to express themselves but also offered the Maple class an opportunity to get to know them better. The Chestnuts shared the reasons behind their preferences and for these items, which also helped their older classmates to also learn more about them.

During the last week of the term we reviewed everything we discussed regarding our topic and we completed some paper puzzles using our photos.

Here is the final result of our personal portrait project!

Exploring colour in different ways

We started our colour unit by defusing painted circles using water and a thin paint brush. It was great to practice our fine motor skills as we enriched our vocabulary and sensory perception.

We also created two colourful art pieces using different materials and techniques. One of our pieces included colour matching, attempting to colouring inside the lines and neatly placing the colour pencils back in their respective places . The other art piece included being messy and mixing paints, sparkles, glue and gems with full agency and self-expression.

Ms. Marie worked on colour mixing during one of her French activities too.

Montessori inspired classroom activities

Many of the classroom daily activities are inspired by the Montessori approach. This helps our young students to build many of their skills in an independent way: The students are shown how to work with the various activities presented on the classroom shelves and then they are encouraged to choose what they want to practice during the morning activity times.

The students are encouraged to playfully take responsibility and care for their classroom environment by tidying after they are finished using the activities, having snack, or working on an art and crafts project. 

Wednesday Art Workshops

The school participated in an arts project on Wednesdays in which we explored three famous painters: Claude Monet, Vincent Van Gogh, and Pablo Picasso. We hosted the older kids in our classroom to create our own posters inspired by these artists. We worked in a team with students from Maple, Birch, and Walnut students which gave us an opportunity to interact with our older friends and collaborate with them. During our first workshop we created a mixed collage using images of Monet and Van Gogh’s works as well as paper, paint, glue, and other materials. During our second workshop the teams were assigned a specific era from Picasso’s extensive career  and they got to create a poster based on the pictures and materials provided. 

Wednesday Water experiments

During our Wednesday projects we got to see how jelly beads expand as they absorb water, we played  with water pumps such as  water bottles and syringes, and we made water balloons that we got to take home!

We also experimented with mixing water with different colours and textures using sparkles and food colouring. We used our pinching skills to carefully place gems inside our bottles and also used our fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination to pour sparkles from a small container into the mouth of our bottles.

We enjoyed playing with our water bottle shakers when we were all finished and we had a nice new sensory toy to take home!

We also got together with the older students to learn all about the exciting experiments they had been working on with Mr. Kralka.

Learning and playing in the forest

We are so lucky to be able to explore our forest everyday and this term we had the perfect weather to participate in some organised activities that targeted our gross motor skills and sensory perceptions. We also worked some of our art projects and we played Math and Language games.

Swimming class

We practiced many of our swimming skills this term and we made great progress. We began this school year with a very shy group but every week we built confidence and by the end of the term we were able to practice many skills such as floating and swimming on our backs, moving forward using floaties, getting in and out of the water, blowing bubbles under water, and rolling down the slide and into the water. 

More outdoor activities gallery

Working together with the Maples gallery

More classroom activities gallery

Chestnut Class Term 5 – 2023

Congratulations graduates!

Our topic this term was ‘Green fingers’. We spent a lot of time in the forest exploring plants and insects and we discussed their importance for the planet. We also observed how our plants continued to grow and give us fruits and flowers. We also replanted our zucchini into the school garden and watered them as needed. As part of the school’s chicken project we welcomed some fertilised eggs and watched a couple of them hatch. We observed as one of the chickens grew and changed.

As the school year came to a conclusion we also used a lot of our time preparing for our Summer Fête by preparing or show and also making our artistic creations to contribute to the Art auction.

This term we spent lots of time outside enjoying the warm weather; some of our outdoor activities included swimming, playing in water, playing games in the forest, visiting different parts of our neighbourhood, and finally enjoying Sports Day.

Replanting zuccini

We started this project by planting zucchini seeds during term 4. We nurtured and cared for our growing plants until they outgrew their pots and needed to be transferred to our community garden. We had wonderful activity in which we worked together to help our plants make that transition; we were mindful of being gentle with the roots, we discussed why we needed to make this change, and we made predictions as to how the plants would change and wether they would give us a zucchinis.

Preparing for the art auction

We worked really well together to put together our beautiful art pieces. We made a big Eco friendly canvas, a sparkly clock and our individual art pieces inspired by our favourite day of the year visiting the zoo.

For our main group piece we decided to use an old canvas that has been previously painted but was no longer being used. We used paper scraps that were leftover from other projects and leaves from the forest. During Terms 1 and 2 we learned about Van Gogh and this was our version of an impressionist style landscape. We worked together on this piece over the course of three sessions inside the classroom and in the forest.

For our clock project we decided to use a mixture of messy paint; we experimented with mixing different colours and finding new shades. Over the paint we used lots of glue and a mixture of beautiful sparkles. We hope whoever took this shiny piece home is reminded of how precious time is and to make each moment sparkle!

One of our favourite topics this year was learning about animals. A major highlight was going to the zoo together and getting to see our favourite animals up close. The best part of the day at the zoo was getting to see the lionesses come right up to us and jumping on the glass roof above us!
For our individual art pieces, each one of the students chose an animal, they painted their canvas and coloured their animal with crayons and pencil crayons.

Summer Fête presentation

We worked together with the Maple class to put together a fun show for our end-of-the-year presentation. Our French teacher, Marie, helped us a lot with her musical expertise and lovely guitar sound. The Chestnuts are still a little shy when singing in front of a lot of people so we decided to have our main song to be “5 little monkeys swinging in tree,” This musical game has been a favourite throughout the year and we knew it would be fun as it’s interactive and funny. The Maple class students helped us to get organized and confident for the big show.

Chicken project

This term we spent some time talking about chicken and engaging in activities inspired by chickens. We welcomed a few fertilised eggs and for twenty five days the eggs stayed in an incubator that we could visit daily. We visited them and discussed what was happening inside them. One of the eggs hatched and a cute little chicken demonstrated how chicks eat, what kind of noises they make, what they look like, how their feathers changed, etc. It was really lovely to have a school pet for a few days before it had to relocate to a place where we can still go visit.

We complemented our theory learning by creating chicken and egg inspired a 3D project. We made a nest using a bowl, paper, and a flour and water paste; once our nest hardened we painted with our colours of choice. We also created big eggs using balloons, lots of paper and glue, and we decorated them with paint and paper mache. Finally we used the big egg as the body of a chicken by making a chicken head and adding it on top.

Special adventures

We had a very special opportunity to walk thought the orchards with a beautiful white horse. We also got to visit his home and we took turn to pet it.

We also took a long walk to a different part of the forest where we found a big natural jungle gym; lots of old hollow trunks and trees served as a great play area where we could engage in dramatic play as well as climbing, balancing, and crawling.

Sports day

We had a lovely day competing with the Maples in our teams. We had a spoon and egg race, a bowling competition, high jump, a jumping race, and a parent-child tie breaker.