Birch Class – Term 3 – 2021/2022

This term, we welcomed new friends into our class. We are delighted to have you with us.

Through an active, rich and diverse curriculum, we continued to make excellent progress in our learning during this term. We particularly enjoyed creating different pieces of art through our learning in IPC.

Marvellous Maths

Addition and Subtraction

This term, we learned to add and subtract within twenty. We began by using concrete materials such as blocks (and pictures of blocks), base ten blocks and ten frames. We then explored the number line and part-whole model as tools for addition and subtraction. Many of us can now count on and back in our heads!

Pokemon addition and subtraction was a hit!

We enjoyed an ocean-themed spinner game where we practised adding ones to ten quickly.

Place Value

We also extended our understanding of place value by learning to count to fifty (some of use can count well beyond this). We compared numbers up to fifty and focused on understanding the value of the tens and ones places. In order to consolidate our understanding of tens and ones, we created animals, trees, people, vehicles and even the Eiffel Tower out of tens and ones!


In preparation for multiplication, we learned to count in twos and fives.

Lively Literacy

This term, Birch class have been learning about different fairy tales. We have looked closely at traditional tales that reveal a meaning at the end of them. As a class, we read these stories and retold them in our own words. 

First, we read the story of Jack and the Beanstalk and explored the vocabulary used. Then, we created leaves that would complete our own class beanstalk. 

Birch was then set the challenge of sequencing the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. We carefully re-read the story and then ordered the events. 

Next, the class learnt the story of The Three Little Pigs. We read the story carefully and then discussed the types of houses the pigs tried to build. This led to the class building their own versions of possible houses the pigs could live in. 

Pre-writing Skills

To develop our writing skills, the class has taken part in warm-up activities that enable them to build and strengthen the muscles in their fingers that are used for writing. 

The class used playdough and followed instructions to shape and mold their dough into different shapes. This encouraged the children to use different areas of their hands and fingers. 

Love for Words! 

As part of learning, Birch class have been working hard on developing their language skills. We have looked closely at building a bank of words that could be used in their spoken vocabulary as well as for when they write. 


International Primary Curriculum

Our topic for this term was ‘Stories People Tell’.  We learned about myths and legends from around the world with a particular focus on Ancient Greece.

Smart Scientists

In science, we learned about the weather and seasons. Through virtual trips and hands-on exploration, we learned about the four seasons: winter, spring, summer and autumn. We investigated the features of each season by looking at how plants, animals and people adapt and take advantage of the changing seasons. We also thought about our favourite things to do each season.

We learned that weather can be measured and used tools to measure weather. We learned how the wind sock, wind vane, thermometer and rain gauge can help us measure weather. We also learned how weather can be represented using symbols.

Delectable Design and Technology with Mr Kralka 

Brilliant Birch and Wonderful Walnuts on their construction journey. 

We worked with different materials and carpentry tools to create our own FISP Book Swap Box.  We measured, estimated and solved real-life problems and most importantly supported each other on our challenging carpentry mission. The children realised how important it is to measure and remeasure. They now know that only when certain should we cut.

Young designers and engineers learnt how to use a distance measuring wheel, string, rulers, measuring tape and their bodies in order to measure the different distances. Birch and Walnuts also practised drawing nearly perfect circles whilst using a string, pencil and a stick with the centimetre scale.

Fantastic work, Birch and Walnuts! You are our Design and Technology Dream Team.

Amazing Art

Historical – Ancient Greek Art

As part of our learning journey this term, we have closely looked at the Art produced in the time of the Ancient Greeks. We began by looking at the art found on pottery.


We discussed the types of images and colours found on a mixture of different pottery from this time period and compared it to pottery we have seen in today’s world. The children were then set the challenge of creating their own versions – first taking the time to carefully plan and design them based on pictures they had seen.

The class then took part in a clay workshop – molding and creating their pottery. The children thought of new inventive ways when recreating their designs onto the pottery.

The children then decorated their pottery in the colours that would have been used back in Ancient Greece. They took their time to layer the colours one by one.

Super Statues! 

The children continued to explore Ancient Greek expressions by creating their own statues. The class viewed and discussed different types of statues from this time period and then decided the type of statues they wanted to create. The class chose an early Greek style of statues that were very similar to the Egyptian style.

Our statue gallery:

Mythical Art

As part of our IPC topic, “Stories People Tell”, we listened to the story called “Tell Me a Dragon”. Then, we drew our own dragons. Fire dragons were quite popular!


Pandora’s Box

We also listened to the story of “Pandora’s Box” and created our own boxes. We filled our boxes with things and people that add joy to our lives. It was lovely to see the variety.

Groovy Geography

The children of Birch and Walnut have been learning about the different countries found in Europe. Once they had located them on the map, they were asked to label and colour them. We took our learning further by researching the capital cities of chosen countries.


In music, we learned to appreciate a variety of music types. We also learned to represent music using symbols such as the semibreve, minim, crotchet, quaver and semi-quaver. Furthermore, we learned to respond to music by drawing what the music reminds us of.

Outdoor, Forest Exploration & P.E.

Forest exploration is a huge part of Forest International School.

We enjoyed learning to climb a tree.

We had fun jumping over a rope.

We enjoyed exploring the forest.

We cycled with our friends and even played with bubbles!

We played dodgeball and football.

Fabulous French

We continued to build our vocabulary in French, exploring everyday words that describe our habits and environments as well as some inter-disciplinary learning (IPC) in French.

Click on the links below for our learning in French.