Birch Class – Term 3 – 2022/2023

Through an active, rich and diverse curriculum, we continued to make excellent progress in our learning during this term.

The Circus is coming to town!

Our topic this term has been “The circus is coming to town!” the children have learnt about the history of the circus and how it has changed over the years. We discussed circus’ of the past and present and what they might be like in the future. Furthermore, we have shared thoughts and opinions on if we are for or against animals performing.


During this term we kept on developing our numeracy skills.

We continued to use symbols (+, -, =, <, >) in written number sentences and used a variety of vocabulary around these. We have explored number facts within 20 and found different ways to represent them. We have learnt about the number facts and applied these to solve problems in different contexts. Also, we used different strategies for adding and subtracting numbers, including counting on and counting back, bridging ten and finding the difference. We used different concrete resources and representations to help deepen our understanding.

We also continued to gain confidence in counting, reading and writing numbers up to 50. We developed fluency in identifying and representing numbers in different representations and in applying these skills in different contexts. We also learn to count in steps of two, five and ten, and write numbers in numerals and words.


We have had great fun this term learning new things and applying what we already now. We have continued to develop our reading and phonic skills through completing a range of tasks.

We have enjoyed playing phonic games!

Also, enjoyed having a little dance when we have got the words correct.

This term, the children have been working on developing their reading and writing skills. They have explored a range of different genres. These activities have supported their development of vocabulary and formulation of sentences.

Firstly, Birch class identified the differences between fiction and non-fiction texts. From this, they explored the features of a non-fiction texts and how they are structured.

The class then worked as a team to retrieve information about a given topic. We chose to learn about fire engines.

Using the information that we had collected we were able to write labels, construct sentences, through cutting and sticking, as well as write short sentences using key vocabulary.

Taking our learning further we applied these newly learnt skills to writing about other things that interest us. We were all able to achieve the same out come at our own pace.

From this, we have continued to work on our understanding of sentence structure. Using pictures and key vocabulary to support our writing.


In Science we have been learning all about materials including wood, plastic, metal, water and rock. We learnt to identify and name everyday materials and had the opportunity to explore the properties of these materials. We carried out a simple investigation to help us decide which material would be most suitable to use for an umbrella.

We also considered what it would be like if the tables were made of jelly or the chairs were chocolate!

Design and Technology

As part of our collaborative project with Oak and Walnut Classes (and some Cedars came to help), we worked on designing our very own Compost Bin that we will be using in the next term. Linking our topics in Design & Technology and Mathematics, the children accurately measured the angles, calculated the distance between the planks of wood and used properties of 2D and 3D shapes on their designing journey. Brilliant Birch students realised the importance of measuring angles and clearly saw that measurements have to be accurate in order for the different parts to fit together correctly.

So there we were,
Cutting and drilling.
Measuring, thinking
Worked well as a team and were quite willing.

We will grow our own veg,
That are very organic.
Will get our hands dirty,
But will wash them, don’t panic.

Compost bin creation,
We have conjured together.
Nothing could stop us,
Even cold weather.

Greenhouse effect
we have discussed in science.
Picked up quite a lot of new things
And self reliance.

Wormery we built,
For our best friends worms.
Amazing things they do,
We hope everyone knows.

Raised beds, greenhouse
And wormery construction.
Enthusiasm was pumping,
Like a volcanic eruption.

Still a long way to go
But we will manage.
Automated watering system, birdfeeders and scarecrow creature.
Hey mum, do you know how to use a drill?
Just look at this, I will teach ya.

Green Garden Project just started,
But we are already delighted.
If you would like to come and help,
Don’t hesitate to come forward, you are invited.

Physical Education

Forest Exploration and cycling

Forest exploration is a huge part of Forest International School.

It is particularly rewarding for the children to enjoy free play in the forest.

This term, Birch and Walnut have ventured further into the forest. We have developed their biking skills and applied themselves to new biking challenges.

In PE we have been playing lots of different games to improve our coordination skills and to reinforce the importance of working together as a team. We particularly enjoyed playing hide and seek.


This term, the children of Birch and Walnut have been learning about beat, rhythm, pace and tempo. First, we explored different sounds using our hands, feet and bodies.

From this, the children investigated different beats and tempo’s using the precussional instruments. We took our learning out of the classroom and into the forest.



This term, the children have been learning how to knit this has supported the development of fine motor skills and in the process they have learnt a new skill.

Creative workshop

The children have been given a range of opportunities to explore their creativity. Both Birch and Walnut children have come together to work on many different projects.

First, the children explored this terms theme “The circus is coming to town!” they were provided with a mixture of materials and then asked to discuss and create something that linked to out theme.

The children were engaged and created their own competition to where the winner would place their design on a canvas. As a result of this workshop the children made Circus posters, 3D models of Circus tents, information leaflets and much more!

Chinese Art

The children of the primary section learnt about the story told of 12 animals that competed in race and of how now each animal represents a new lunar year. We learnt about the importance of red envelopes and how to write in Chinese.


The Primary Section came together to celebrate the new lunar year. This year is the year if the rabbit. The children learnt about the different traditions practiced over the new lunar year celebrations.


Beginner Group with Joanna

It has been a very busy start to 2023 and the students have learned lots of new French vocabulary, songs, poems, read books and played educational games. As we have changed seasons, the students have learned a song about l’Hiver (winter). We have begun a new French beginner learning programme called Tatou le Matou. Each week we listen (audio guide) and read a story about Tatou le chat and then the children have their own workbooks where they listen and answer questions related to the story/theme. The students really enjoy Tatou’s adventures. We also do a weekly session of handwriting where the students are learning how to write in cursive. The children are rightly very proud of how quickly they are developing this technique while also learning to write words in French.

Advanced group with Marie

Cette troisième période a été bien chargée en apprentissage puisque plusieurs notions de grammaire et de conjugaison ont été abordées en plus des nouveaux sons et des fiches de lecture et de compréhension. Nous avons abordé différents thèmes tels que l’hiver, la galette, le Nouvel An Chinois, les crêpes, la saint Valentin…

Les livres lus durant ce terme ont été les suivants:

De ces albums, ont découlé différentes activités qui ont permis l’exploitation de ces histoires. Nous avons donné du sens à l’apprentissage des voyelles et des consonnes.

A chaque début de semaine, vos enfants ont appris et chanté une nouvelle chanson:

J’aime la galette, Loin du froid de décembre, Trois esquimaux, Les petits souliers, L’amour brille sous les étoiles.

Les objectifs de cette période ont été:

– d’approfondir la langue française

– de s’exprimer de manière plus fluide

– de renforcer la syntaxe en s’exprimant oralement

– de connaître et d’acquérir les sons et les consonnes ( N, P, T, C/K/Q, D, B) ainsi que le principe du code alphabétique

– d’ associer le nom de la consonne et de connaître le son qu’elle produit

– se familiariser avec la dictée

– de lire et de comprendre les histoires lues, de livres (collection Sami et Julie)

– de réciter une poésie “L’hiver” de Karine Persillet

– de chanter collectivement une chanson

– de préparer une carte pour la saint Valentin

French IPC with Joanna and Marie

We have had a very busy and exciting start to 2023 in IPC French class! The main theme for this term was La Cirque (The Circus) where we learned a lot of new vocabulary related to this topic and we ended the term with a fantastic 2 day Circus Workshop where the students got to put what they learned into practice and became acrobats/jugglers/magicians for 2 afternoon sessions with a professional circus artist & teacher with over 20 years of experience. We also celebrated La Galette des Rois, La Chandeleur and Le Nouvel An Chinois (the students learned how to write in Chinese calligraphy). The children showed off their baking skills by making galettes & crêpes and they all enjoyed eating them!


During our two-day workshop we learnt some pretty amazing skills. The children of Birch and Walnut took part in a master class workshop led by a professional circus performer.

We learnt all about the different types of equipment a circus performer uses and how it is used safely and properly.

All their hard work led to an amazing performance. The children were able to share their newly learnt skills with the rest of the school.