Elm Class Term 2, 2019/20


In Statistics we worked on reading, interpreting and analysing different sets of data and found Min, Max, Mode, Mean, Median and Range.  We worked on finding and remembering Prime Numbers and Square Numbers. We identified Multiples and Factors and then found LCM-Least Common Multiple / GCF-Greatest Common Factor.

We also worked on analysing and constructing our own pie charts and solving various problems involving percentages.

During this unit, we worked on finding percentages of amounts and fractions of numbers. The children practiced finding the equivalent fractions by multiplying/dividing the numerator and denominator by the same number and then converted mixed numbers and improper fractions. The children can confidently carry out four basic operations with fractions and know how to find the LCD or when they need to simplify their fraction.

Algebra: Expressions and substitutions

 We worked on simplifying expressions, using simple formulae, writing formulae and identified how they could be applied in real life problems.

Geometry and measures

3D shapes

Experimenting and Calculating :

-Volume of a cone and a cylinder.

-Volume of a pyramid and a cube.


‘Renaissance and Reformation’- Leonardo da Vinci Project

Nespresso Capsules- Mona Lisa Project

Using recycled materials to express our artistic ideas

Forest exploration – hunting for delicious mushrooms

Recycling/Mathematics-Art-DT Project


Physics / Mathematics

Pulley systems/Mechanical advantage


Elm students investigated and built their own simple machines ( fixed pulley, movable pulley and a system of pulleys)  that gave them a mechanical advantage, essentially making them stronger than they are in real life. We created a Newton meter to measure the force exerted on an object. We also solved various problems to find out how FORCE, ENERGY and WORK are related. The children formulated some hypotheses, practiced planning their investigations and made predictions. After carrying out their investigations they made accurate measurements to gather data to test their hypotheses. They identified patterns in the results and drew conclusions based on the evidence. On few occasions they had to retest their findings and suggest ways in which their investigations and working methods could be improved.

The children had the fantastic opportunity to demonstrate their creative side while making costumes, dancing, singing, creating props and performing on the stage during our Christmas Show.

Thank you and well done to all the Elm class students for their outstanding dedication and hard work during our

« Lights, Camel, Action 2 ! The Sequin !» performance.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!Enjoy your holiday !!! Best wishes,