Elm Class – Term 5, 2019/20

Young entrepreneurs

I want to sell a product,

I have a service to provide.

I am that “Young entrepreneur”,

So please don’t be surprised.

Loan repayment,

plus interest rate.

Sales predictions,

and then profit to calculate.

Price calculation,

and my income to declare.

Tax return,

and I have some money to spare.

I will sell my crystals,

or my comic book.

I will make some cards,

They are quite amazing, please have a look.

I will make a bracelet,

or a home made scrub.

Will deliver fresh pastry,

Here is my order form, just quickly sign up.

I know the difference,

between WANT & NEED.

Do you like my packaging?

Are you ready to purchase? Then please do proceed.

Supply and demand,

Expenses and profit.

I am not keeping the money,

All will go to a small charity, will be used for good causes.

“House construction” project

Foldable table,

and tic-tac-toe game.

I will fix our roof.

Please measure that frame.

Will drill and will hammer,

Will measure and cut.

We have to remeasure , friends,

Because this door just won’t shut.

Broken screws,

and tiny splinters.

But with your amazing team work,

This house will withstand windy winters.

Robotics/programming NAO” project with Joshua Bradfield

We’ve never met before,

But I want to hold your hand.

I’ll program you in SCRATCH,

and you will be my friend.

Our amazing Art Auction contribution

Accrobranche Camp in St. Germain en Laye

Enjoy your summer

Enjoy your summer,

Oaks and Elms.

You are amazing,

Pearls and Gems.

Fantastic year,

we have ended.

And time together,

was quite splendid.

I wish you all,

the very best.

You’ve worked quite hard,

so have some rest.

Amazing missions,

we’ve accomplished.

I must admit,

I am quite astonished.

Enjoy your summer,

Oaks and Elms.

You are amazing,

Pearls and Gems.

Best wishes,

Vlad Kralka