Elm class-Term-4-2019-2020

Started in our classroom in the Forest and then jumped on the “Seesaw,”- virtual learning platform. An experience that made us more independent and mature. We all feel stronger and most importantly more loving and caring.


It will make us stronger…

We started this term at school,

And then were asked to go home.

But we were with our friends and teachers,

On the Seesaw and zoom calls, nobody left us alone.

We were keen to come out to see our friends,

Buy they said, “Stay home a bit longer”.

“No problem”, Oaks and Elms replied,

This experience will make us stronger.

Teachers made some videos,

They also made some raps.

And from time to time we gave them,

Those well deserved small claps.

They sent us some work,

and they said, “Do your best”.

“We are here if you need us,

We will worry about the rest.”

They tried to keep us together,

They tried to entertain us so much.

And we know that our education and friends are important,

that’s why we will stay in touch.

So stay safe, Oaks and Elms, help your parents,

Enjoy your holiday.

Read a book, wash your hands,

and most importantly, be good and obey!!

I missed my Oaks and Elms

I beg your pardon, Mr President??

Did you say that we cannot come to school.

But I’ve missed my Oaks and Elms,

They are really, really cool.

Let’s take Elms…

Maël can draw,

And he is very precise.

Have you seen his hydraulic hand,

Or Mona Lisa smile?

Josh can think outside the box,

And he is good with a glue gun.

He knows tons of interesting facts,

And he can tell them just for fun.

Juana is inquisitive,

And she often asks questions like “Why???”

If you ever stuck with those equations,

Just give them to her, she will simplify.

Robin can draw,

And she is good at football.

Just simply ask her,

She will do it, no problem at all.

Fatima disliked algebra,

But now she is a PRO.

One day she will visit many places,

Most likely Tokyo and Bordeaux.

Lila is good at football,

But she doesn’t play that much.

But if you need that extra player,

Just simply get in touch.

Frederique will stay at home this week,

But will work on her iPad.

Of course she will miss her friends,

But it will not be all that bad!!!

Karley loves to draw,

And have achieved so much in Maths.

She is our times table champion,

In Elm and Oak class.

Mattes loves Maths,

And learnt how to play chess when he was four,

If you have a lemon, just hide it…

because he will ask for more.


We worked on calculating percentages of numbers, percentage increase and decrease and then solved various multistep word problems. We translated and rotated 2D shapes and then practiced reflecting shapes ( horizontal, vertical and diagonal). We solved various ratio problems and then experimented with making our own virtual and real smoothies and fruit cocktails.

Percentage increase



Young Elms perfumers went back in time to discover and identify the important mileposts in history and evolution of perfume . We tried to use and apply terminology and methods used to extract natural raw materials. As we were already engaged in our perfumery projects whilst still in class, “covid-19” confinement wasn’t going to prevent us from achieving our goal. In our “virtual classroom” we managed to extract avocado oil, aloe vera gel, lemon essential oil and made two different soap projects.

Design and technology

Designing our playhouse for Willows, Chestnuts, Maples, Birches and Walnuts

Spanish/Art workshop with Mariana

Sports: Table tennis, volleyball, badminton


“Soap rap” by Karley


“Bee awesome”–animation by Josh

Enjoy your holiday!!!

Best wishes,

Elms and Vlad