Maple Class – Term 2, 2022


This term has been challenge for the children and for me as I started workig with them with the help and support of Ms Jil.

Then, we had to say goodbye to Ms Jil.

During this term, we talked about celebrations all around the world.

We spoke about how people celebrate in other countries and presented the history of each event.

It has also been the occasion to talk about continents and travel around the world, talking about every nationality reprsented the class.


Practical life

We also worked on pratical life. Children enjoyed the introduction of new activities in the class proposing manipualtions and self-experiences. These activities will be the center of our daily class as well as phonics and math to develop their self-confidence.

Sensorial life

We also experienced some sensorial life throught the concept of floating and flowing experiences. Children really enjoyed it as they did their proper experience on what was floating or flowing chosing some material in the classroom.


Furthermore, as Christmas was one of the event of the celebrations them, we have talked about this special day, its history and how it is celebrated all around the world.

Children developed their creativity and their fine motor skills through a lot of crafts about Christmas.


Regarding numeracy, we work every day on a different matter such as counting from 1 to 100 – children love it- counting by 10 to 10 or 2 by 2.

We are also working hard on writing numbers from 1 to 10 and from 10 to 20.

The focus is on recognising a quantity and associating quantities to numbers.


We focused on learning new areas of phonics through the different letters and sounds.

That is why children work hard on spelling and writting every day and use the material as a support to improve their language skills.

We are also focusing on the spoken language thanks to discussion during circle time about different subjects such as talking about their weekend, the books we are reading in class, their interest in different subjcts, …

The aim is to ensure the continual development of pupils’ confidence and competence in spoken language and listening skills by developing a capacity to explain their understanding of books and other reading, and to prepare their ideas before they write.

Book read this term :

  • We are going on a bear hunt
  • Where the strange things are
  • Stick man
  • The night before Christmas


The whole team has worked hard to prepare and organise the Christmas show.

We have been learning songs and doing rehearsals during weeks. We have had good times working all together as part of the school.

Special day/Snowing day:-)

Wednesday 14th of December, we all enjoyed a special day as the snow has fallen on Paris and children enjoyed playing with it. We also organised a special day where the upstairs and downstairs children were together. We have had a very nice day all together:-)


Pendant cette deuxième période de l’année, nous avons continué à lire 5 albums de jeunesse (en lien avec l’automne, Saint Nicolas, la fête de Noël..) :

De ces ouvrages, ont découlé différentes activités qui ont permis l’exploitation de ces histoires. Nous avons donné du sens à l’apprentissage, une façon plus ludique et une approche plus concrète.

A chaque début de semaine, vos enfants ont appris et chanté une nouvelle chanson (6 semaines = 6 chansons) incluant les chansons pour le spectacle de Noël:

La pluie qui mouille, Mon beau sapin, Noël de l’Est, Douce nuit, Dans son manteau rouge et blanc.

 Les objectifs de cette période ont été de :

– enrichir la langue française

– construire des phrases plus élaborées mais correctes

– s’exprimer en petit groupe

– tracer le bonhomme de chaque mois

– comprendre les histoires lues

– s’entraîner au graphisme

–  reconnaître et nommer des lettres, des syllabes et des mots

– apprendre les nombres de 7 à 10 (savoir dénombrer une collection)

– connaître quelques notions spatiales

– mémoriser une poésie (“I’automne grelotte” de Chantal Abraham)

– s’exprimer de manière artistique

– chanter collectivement une chanson

French IPC

Le thème de cette période était « Célébrations  ». Nous avons pu discuter des différentes façons de célébrer, de faire la fête à travers le monde. Nous avons vu comment les gens célébraient un évènement dans les divers pays et comment était présentée l’histoire de chaque évènement. 

Les enfants ont écouté l’histoire de “Saint Nicolas” ainsi que le conte musical de “Picolo Saxo et Cie”

Ils ont participé aux répétitions pour préparer le spectacle de Noël.

Et ils ont aussi cuisiné de bons petits sablés de Noël.

Forest Exploration

The time in the forest we utilized for all kinds of different activities. Sometimes we were deepening some numeracy skills by organizing a number line or collecting and counting a certain amount of nuts/sticks/leaves.

Often, we used the time to create beautiful nature art or build houses out of sticks.

And, of course, physical education was important for us! We went for bike trips, built challenging parkours, practiced our throwing skills, or went for a nice mushroom hunt.