Maple class, term 4.

The topic of the term has been “The exciting egg project” and vehicles. The term was began by reading the story “Egg drop” to merge these two topics together. Children got to observe the “egg-citing” journey of eggs hatching into little chicks!

Where vehicles travel

To build on the last term´s topic on different jobs and the local village, children were learning about where vehicles. We learnt about where different types of transportation travel. Children made their own arts and crafts by colouring, cutting and pasting. They also made their own rocket ships and helicopters! Children played games such as patching up cut up vehicle puzzles and trying to guess vehicles by feeling them inside a mystery box.

Egg project and easter preparations

For easter the children got to do egg waxing with Laura. The children would decorate their eggs with wax and then soak them in natural colours extracted from natural dye (for an example red cabbage juice, turmeric and leaves). Those eggs looked quite impressive! We did egg patterning arts and crafts, and the children also got to plant easter grass to take home and care for over the holidays. The chocolate hunt in the forest made big smiles on everyone´s faces!

Observing the chicks

We learnt about how many days it takes for an egg to become a chick. Children were very excited to see the little ones hatch! The chicks were kept inside in a cage in the beginning, but as they grew into young chickens, they were kept outside during the daytime to get fresh air. Children would take turns chasing the ones that would occasionally try to escape! They got to take care of the chicks by feeding them and giving them water.

Classroom canvas

This term the children collaborated making a canvas art work to review the four seasons and at the same they got to practice writing their names by stamping with paint. We got a beautiful and colourful piece of art in our class.


Children enjoyed making different types of patterning activities. Chaining together as a group was particularly fun as we could use it as a jump rope as a result! We built number towers (1-10 and 10-20) by using traffic light patterns as an aid and we also made patterning exercises with the chicken life cycle.

The children were practicing number fluency by counting up and down within the numbers 1-10 and manipulating objects within. Writing numbers 1-10 independently was practiced a lot this term. We also did lots of counting up to 20 and worked on our number recognition of 11-20 by different types of matching games such as the egg life cycle and egg number matching.

Children are getting familiar with numbers 11-20 through sensory exploration and art.

We were learning about sizing, sorting and classification. We also made lots of activities related to the egg project theme such as sorting big and small and the concept of whole and half! We kept learning and about adding, taking away and number bonds to 10 but we also began counting in groups (2´s, 5´s, 10s)

Literacy and phonics

In literacy we read different stories and activities such as role play and sequencing activities related to the theme; “Daddy on the moon”, “Thomas the evil diesel”, “In the nest”, “The red hen” and “Are you my mother?”. Writing own names, letter hunt, sound object games, letter sound activities writing and matching known letter sounds was also enjoyable for the children! In phonics children kept learning about several new letter sounds. Soon they will know nearly all letter sounds in the alphabet and they can start blending them fluently!


Children made their own egg shakers this term. We practiced sequencing the song: “We all go traveling by”. Since the song was long, we sequenced the song with pictures and then kept it with us while practicing!

Forest play

Below are some pictures of us cycling and climbing as well as painting in the sunny forest.

IPC and French