Oak Class, Blog 2, Term 2 2022/2023


Oak focused on the presentation of information. The class looked at various non-fiction texts, observing how they are structured, from contents pages through to the index, with information ordered logically and by topic.

Each member of the class then chose an animal to research, separating information under subheadings such as diet, habitat and behaviour.

Each then made an oral presentation to the class. 


Beginners Group with Joanna

The theme for this term linked to our daily workbook (Zig Zag 2) is La Maison (the house). We have studied new vocabulary linked to objects (lampe/lit/bibliothèque/armoire/bureau) that are found in the house as well as the different rooms in a house (grenier/cave/salon/salle à manger etc.). The students all individually presented a drawing of their own bedrooms and the objects/furniture they have, they all did a really good job. We also continue to work on our French verbs (this term spelling tests on les verbes en ER au présent). Throughout the term we learned songs in French for the Christmas show and the students sang them all beautifully on the 10th of December at the Théâtre de Bailly.

Intermediate Group with Christine

During this period from November to December, Vega and Sophie continued to take part in the calendar activity with the rest of the group, by asking and answering questions linked to it, and getting to learn how to tell the time.

After that they went on working on their own program. For one of the girls, this included mastering the basics of reading and writing in French, and for the other, the program was about improving her knowledge in writing, vocabulary and French grammar through exercises but also written materials (books, articles, recipes, letters…). Both girls also get to sometimes leave their work aside to listen the older children doing a presentation on a specific topic or simply hear them talk about his/her weekend which is one of our Mondays’ routines. They actively took part in these oral activities by asking questions or speaking about their own weekend.

Advanced Group with Marie

Pendant cette deuxième période, les élèves ont continué à approfondir les notions de français:

en grammaire: les différentes fonctions de l’adjectif qualificatif (épithète/attribut du sujet), le complément du nom, phrases simples/complexes.

en conjugaison: l’imparfait, accord sujet/verbe

en orthographe: le féminin des noms, utilisation du dictionnaire, accord sujet/verbe, les synonymes/antonymes.

en mémorisation: 1 poésie a été apprise et récitée.

en littérature: choix d’un livre de lecture puis rendu de la fiche en lien avec le livre, 3 lectures silencieuses

2 évaluations ont eu lieu durant le 2ème terme.

French IMYC with Marie

Cette période a été consacrée aux grands explorateurs ainsi qu’aux répétitions pour le spectacle de Noël.

“Douce nuit”


During this term the children discovered the vocabulary of the family by playing the ”Memo” as well as a little discovery of Hispanic Christmas.


We learnt about different triangles, their names and main properties. We also identified acute, obtuse, reflex and right angles and then tried to measure them with the protractor. We then worked on finding the perimeter and area of simple 2D and compound shapes.  We practiced measuring in centimeters and meters and then used our findings to calculate the area and perimeter. We now know that in order to find the perimeter of the shape, we need to walk around the shape or add all the sides. So if you need a new fence in your garden, you know whom to ask! And for the area we need to multiply the measurements of two sides or count how many CM2 or M2 are there altogether.


Oak class went through an amazing exploring journey this term, they could explore how solids can be mixed and how it is often possible to then separate them again. Students learned when solids do not dissolve or react with the water they can be separated by filtering, which is similar to sieving. 

Oak students could make a successful investigation and decide ways to classify reversible/irreversible changes and discuss everyday instances of dissolving e.g. sugar in drinks, washing powder in the washing machine etc.

They compared and grouped materials together according to whether they are solid, liquid or gases. And observed some changes when affected by temperature. Oak class were introduced to evaporation and condensation changes in the water cycle associated to the rate of evaporation with temperature.


Over the course of this term the Oak class built a miniature Iron Age hunters’ house, using clay and natural materials collected from the forest. The class also started to look at the Ancient Egyptian Civilisation, focusing on the unification of Upper and Lower Egypt and building a timeline of the most relevant events of Ancient Egyptian history. 


This term Oak learned about the different biomes around the world – ecosystems characterised by the plants and animals that live there as well as the climate, vegetation and rainfall. They discovered how animals and plants in these diverse regions have adapted to the climactic conditions in which they live in order to survive.

Design and Technology

Birch, Walnut , Oak , Elm and Cedar collaborative Christmas decorations and costume design project.


Our Oak worked on the designing, drawing, and painting of the backdrops for the Christmas show. They let themselves being inspired by the stories brought on stage and they designed big and colorful backdrops texturising paint in different ways.

Global Perspectives

During this term, our Oaks looked at national and global perspectives, exploring what is means to live in other countries. Students picked a country of their choice and carried out independent research on that the subject, looking at important monuments, traditions, and typical food. Students worked on a poster, showing the findings of their research. 

Drama Workshops

Over the course of term, our Oaks worked on drama techniques like freeze frames and miming. They practiced these techniques, working on the role that body language and face expressions have in both scenarios.  Students worked also on the use of the voice, learning how to project it when talking to an audience. Oak students used freeze frames and mimes to bring on stage two stories for the schools’ Christmas show: “The Tomten” and “Babushka”.

Creative Writing Workshops

During this term our Oaks worked on fairy tales. Students explored the features of the genre, looking at different mentor texts, like Cinderella, The Beauty and the Beast and The Three Billy-Goat Gruff. After having gotten inspired by mentor texts, students worked on the structure of their fairy tale’s plot, creating a story board that included the opening, the build-up, the problem, the resolution, and the ending. 

Christmas Celebration