Oak Class -Term 2, 2019/20


Calculating, measuring and understanding shapes:

We worked on measuring and drawing simple 2D shapes and then converting them into compound shapes. We also practiced identifying the main properties of 3D shapes and looked for various 2D shapes present in them. Gained knowledge of measuring was later put into practice while we created our props and costumes for “Lights, Camel, Action 2!”.

Securing number facts, understanding shapes

During this unit, we solved one-step and two-step problems involving numbers, money or measures where we had to choose and use appropriate calculations.The children practiced using written methods for multiplication and division HTU × U, TU × TU, TU × U and HTU ÷ U. Gained knowledge was later used while working out fractions of numbers (e.g. 1¤10 of 50kg).

During this unit, we worked on finding fractions of shapes/numbers and identifying various equivalent fractions.

In Statistics we solved comparison, sum and difference problems using information presented in bar charts, pictograms, tables and line graphs.


« May the FORCE be with you = May the FOREST be with you »

Effects of forces on motions and Newton’s laws of motion

The Oak Class children were not FORCED but rather gently guided into the world of forces around them. The children were introduced to the scientific vocabulary (e.g. mass, weight, speed, gravity, acceleration and forces) and were encouraged to apply it while experimenting with different forces. 

Experimenting with Friction (SCIENTIFIC PROCESS-remember to have one variable and retest it three times).

How far will it go? Good question!!! Depends! Let’s find out!!!

1. Make your own ramp

2. Use a toy car

3. Change the height of your ramp

4. Change the weight of your car

5. Change the surface of your ramp

The children formulated various hypotheses, practiced planning their investigations and made predictions. After carrying out their investigations they made accurate measurements to gather data to test their hypotheses. They identified patterns in the results and drew conclusions based on the findings.


Clay project – Capturing the beauty of Nature

Nespresso Tree‘-recycling project

Forest Exploration – mushroom hunting

The children had the fantastic opportunity to demonstrate their creative side while making costumes, dancing, singing, creating props and performing on the stage during our Christmas Show.

Thank you and well done to all the Oak class students for their outstanding dedication and hard work during our « Lights, Camel, Action 2 ! The Sequin !» performance.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Enjoy your holiday !!!

Best wishes,