Oak Class, Term3, 2021-2022


This term Oak class read two different books, both English classics, The Secret Garden and The Borrowers. While very different books, they both represent the era in which they were written,  both featuring children who had grown up in India before returning to live in England.

The Secret Garden is, besides being a great story, a celebration of the healing power of nature. The spoiled and unloved Mary and the sickly hypochondriac Colin transform into happier, kinder and more vivacious characters through their interaction with the natural world, particularly the secret garden that they discover and tends.

The Borrowers, while a very different book, also depicts a young girl longing for independence and freedom from the confines of her restricted environment and rebelling against the over-protective care of her anxious parents.


Notions abordées  

 Fonctions de communication : Poser des questions et savoir répondre à des questions concernant le calendrier (date, saison, météo…) –Présenter des activités quotidiennes – Demander l’heure –  Savoir dire l’heure

Grammaire et conjugaison : Consolidation des notions abordées à la période précédente :  la conjugaison de certains verbes : être, avoir et verbe du premier groupe au présent (suite) –La forme négative (simple) de la phrase – Des pronoms interrogatifs (suite)- Les verbes pronominaux

Vocabulaire : Des verbes d’actions quotidiennes– L’heure – L’hiver


Poésie :Chanson pour les enfants l’hiver                    Chanson : C’est l’hiver

Activités et Objectifs

Déroulement de la troisième période selon deux axes principaux :

  • Consolidation des notions étudiés durant la période précédente au niveau de la grammaire et de la conjugaison et des échanges oraux autour du calendrier.
  • Découverte de nouvelles fonctions de communication comme celle pour exprimer l’heure, les activités quotidiennes à travers différents supports.
  • Acquérir une base de vocabulaire sur le thème de l’hiver

Objectifs :

  • Développer l’expression orale dans des situations concrètes de la vie quotidienne
  • Sensibiliser les élèves à la lecture / écritures des sons complexes, à la grammaire et à la conjugaison française.

Prochaine période

En mars 2022, nous aborderons deux nouveaux thèmes : le sport et la fête. Avec le sport nous verrons notamment les différents sports, comment formuler différentes questions et expressions. Le thème de la fête nous permettra d’exprimer des goûts, des souhaits, de pratiquer des formules de politesse, de demander des prix…., et de parler de la fête célébrée en avril : Pâques.


Fraction and Number

During this unit, our mighty Oaks worked on finding percentages of amounts and fractions of numbers. The children practiced finding the equivalent fractions by multiplying/dividing the numerator and denominator by the same number and then converted mixed numbers and improper fractions. The children can confidently carry out four basic operations with fractions and know how to find the LCD (Lowest Common Denominator) or when they need to simplify their fraction. We solved one-step and two-step problems involving numbers, money and measures including fractions and percentages. The children worked on choosing and using appropriate calculation strategies while solving word problems.

Equivalent fractions,

Just means that they are the same.

They look a bit different,

But there is no one to blame.

Mixed number,

And improper fractions.

Are two best mates,

You can switch them around at 1:1 rates.

Adding and subtracting fractions,

With the same denominator.

Surely it is not difficult,

So don’t use calculator.

When adding fractions,

With the denominators that are not the same.

Find your Lowest Common Denominator,

Divide, multiply then add,

And you are on the fraction wall of fame.

Chocolate bar,

Or cut that apple in half.

You need to know fractions,

To share your love.

Percentages of the number,

And fractions of the shape.

They are very useful,

 when you are cutting that cake.

Directions and co-ordinates.

 Rotation and Translation.

The children practiced plotting the co-ordinates of different 2D shapes and then located their corresponding co-ordinates after rotation/translation. We know that 2D shapes stay the same after the rotation/translation and found out that using the tracing paper evidently help us to pinpoint our new location. We clearly understand that when we rotate the same shape around the origin and around the specific co-ordinate B, our new shapes will appear in two different locations.


Oak learnt about the lives of three people of principal who stood up for their beliefs and challenged authority in pursuit of a fairer society – Rosa Parks, Muhammad Ali and Nelson Mandela. All three broke the laws of the land in which they lived and all three were accused of crimes, only to be exonerated and eventually revered. Through their stories, Oak learnt about racial segregation in the US and South Africa and what the laws imposed meant for the lives of black people.


This term Oak learned how to use atlases and to access the information contained within them. They also learnt about latitude and longitude and how to find locations on a map with just their coordinates.

The class learned that there are two principal fields of geography, physical and human and how to differentiate between them.

During the ski trip to the Alps, an instructor gave the class a presentation on how to read mountain maps and signage as well as the importance of being properly equipped when skiing, particularly when skiing off-piste and what to do if caught in an avalanche.

The instructor gave them a practical task when he hid a backpack in the snow containing an avalanche transceiver (emergency locator beacon) and they set off to find it using the techniques and strategies they had been taught earlier – moving in a zig zag formation until they hear a signal and using the collapsible ski probe poles to locate the item before uncovering it with a lightweight plastic shovel.

Back in the classroom Elm learned about the different causes of avalanches and about one avalanche in Italy in 2015 that destroyed a hotel and killed many of its guests. They learned about the rescue and the remote location that made the rescue challenging for the emergency services.


Fantastic Forces

This term, Oak class have been learning all about the different types of Forces that act upon an object. As a class we have explored the range of different Forces and the relationships that they have with one another. To understand these forces we first developed our knowledge and understanding by researching a chosen force.

We then applied this knowledge by conducting investigations that would help us to explain what Forces are acting upon and object at a given time. Our challenge was to form hypothesis and then test them out.

This enabled us to understand that there can be more than one Force acting upon an object at one time as well as that the Forces need to be balanced.

We have been able to apply of knowledge and understanding of Forces on our recent Ski trip. This was an amazing opportunity to take out learning further and to explore other types of Forces.


”They made a difference”

Oak learnt about the lives and important inventions and discoveries made by Pythagoras, Leonardo da Vinci and Fibonacci. They found some hidden and evident links in various modern inventions and their daily life applications.

Linked to our discoveries , Oaks and Elms with some amazing support from Birch and Walnut Classes embarked on their Collaborative Design and Technology journey while constructing our own FISP Book Swap Box.


This term, Oak class learned new vocabulary words related to Pinocchio’s story, such as name of furniture and household items and making the difference between masculine and feminine nouns. They enjoyed listening to the story in Spanish and made their own representations of the characters. They also practiced their Speaking abilities by memorizing a rhyme, being part of a role play game as waiters of a restaurant, Spanish greetings and salutations and responding to the question what’s in your school bag to their classmates. Finally, we spent the last days of the term discovering vocabulary related to school supplies. Furthermore, as part of their Spanish cultural learning they made a Valentine’s Day card and the vocabulary related to this day. It’s been great to see them more confident in their Spanish language abilities. Keep up the good work Oak!


This term we focused on the skills associated with planning and recording a video. The students were able to explain that video is the recording, reproducing, or broadcasting of moving visual images. Learners got familiar and applied several shot types and filming techniques, such as side by side, mid range, close up, moving subject and high angle. Additionally, students used a storyboard as a planning tool. They also learned how to use a professional camera, an iPad and iPhone/cellphone to record their videos, including how to how to start and stop recording and how to zoom in and zoom out.

Skiing Trip to Val Cenis

During our trip to Val Cenis , the children went on an emotional 6 day journey, far away from home. We were excited to go but tiny bit anxious to leave our parents. We were happy to meet new people and learn new things. We were frustrated when something did not work out straight away but were over the Moon with our progress on the slopes after 5 days of skiing. Most of the time we were happy and will remember this trip for the rest of our lives. We have discovered so many new things, learnt so much about ourselves and came back a little bit more independent.

Luiza just joined us,
And she is very mature.
And her tall brother Bruno,
Has a great sense of humour.

They come from Brazil,
But they once lived in China.
They are quite thorough with their work,
Often double check it, even mistakes that are minor.

Soren never went skiing,
But indeed was quite brave.
Don’t have to tell him twice,
He knows well how to behave.

Our Storm is a free spirit,
And runs with the wind.
Had bundles of fun skiing,
It is cold Storm! Where is your jacket? Take a hint.

Dylan often asks questions,
And he often has something to say.
Always went on super steep slopes,
And he never stayed at bay.

Gabriela just joined us ,
She is our DIY Queen.
Had a blast skiing, hungry for knowledge,
Well mannered and to learn she is keen.

Sara loves books,
And she reads them a lot.
She speaks Romanian, English and French,
She is our true polyglot.
She often sings,
And she was skiing like a pro,
Are we skiing now?
Shall I get ready to go?

Leo loves Maths,
And shared some tricks on how to play chess.
There were 4 boys in his room,
But they tidied their mess.

Filip AKA SUPER MARIO enjoyed skiing,
And was super fast on the sledge.
He was a well behaved student,
He pushed himself to the limit, he pushed himself to the edge.

Even Adam came with us ,
And his brother Dylan read him bed time story.
Zoomed down those slopes,
With Mrs Harrington on the first day,
Fighting for their glory.

Roger can crunch numbers,
And goes down the slope with the speed of light.
You should see his face light up,
And he adores the Turkish Delight.

Liam eats books,
On his quest for deep meaning.
Kindle, soft back or hard back?
Say it louder but don’t turn off the light,
Liam is reading.

Lukas loves Maths and he is our skiing pro,
Often sets himself a personal challenge.
Very organised with his stuff,
Just give him a task and he will surely manage.

Jean went down those slopes,
Whatever colour you name it.
Skiing champion he is ,
Just give him your record and he will break it.

Chloé had bundles of fun,
Are we going skiing now, Mr.Kralka?
I better run!
Was tired but marched on.
Had a blister but went on.
Our charming Chloé was our mini Sun.

Cecilia had no fear,
She quickly zoomed down that slope.
Part of our Brazilian Skiing Team,
One day will show off her talent,
Oak and Elm truly hope.

Oscar was ready,
From the moment they said GO.
Superstar on the slope,
And his confidence did grow.
He loves our mother nature,
And he spent so much time in a horizontal position on the slope,
Doesn’t like his ice-cream now,
Totally no problem, just give him some fresh snow.

From Forest International,
We are representing Oak.
And as you can see and hear,
This class is no joke.

From Forest International,
We are representing Elm.
And as you can see and hear,
This class is a Gem.

Enjoy your holiday!

Best wishes,

Mrs. Harrington, Christine, Joanna, Cecilia, Mr. H and Mr. Kralka