Walnut Class Term 4 2022-23

Our Topic this term was all about ‘Recycling and Reusing!’ We learnt about how we can recycle materials and food waste, reuse unwanted things. We also focused on plants, seeds and growth. The children explored how things grow and how environments can differ from one place another. Walnut class became scientists and geographers in order to answer these questions.


This term, the children have explored a range of different genres of writing. They have also developed their use of vocabulary through continuing to build upon their dictionary and thesaurus skills.

Fiction or Non-fiction?

Walnut class took to the library to investigate the vast range of books it has to offer. They were then set the task of orgainsing examples from each genre.

Once they had done this walnut class were challenged to find the different features used within an information text. They worked in pairs to find and discuss these features.

Editing and Improving

As part of a writers journey, the children learnt that it is important to review and change their writing to ensure that their ideas and thoughts have been expressed correctly. During this process, it is also important for the writer to share their work with others.

The children exchanged books and provided each other with feedback. Once the feedback session was complete they then used their peers notes to edit and improved their writing.

All the children were then given the opportunity to write up their pieces in a best final version.

Writing a letter

First, Walnut class learnt about the types of letters that are sent. From this, they looked closely at a range of different formal and informal letters. They discussed the features and made a table to support their future writing.

First, they wrote a draft and then they edited their work and wrote a final copy. Applying their knowledge and understanding of how to structure and write a letter they wrote letters to a chosen person detailing what they had learnt about compost.

Library Time

The children of Walnut and Birch Classes enjoy spending time in the library. They have had great fun this term exploring new books and reading to one another or to the whole group.

International Children’s Book Day

What great fun had celebrating the many different and equally wonderful characters from children’s literature. The children shared their favourite characters, with their peers, and discussed what they like about them.


During this term, in Maths, we have been learning about shapes and their properties. We learnt to identify and describe the properties of 2D shapes, including the number of sides and line symmetry in a vertical line. We learnt to identify and to describe the properties of 3D shapes, including the number of edges, vertices and faces. Children compared and sorted common 2D and 3D shapes and everyday objects. We also learnt to identify 2D shapes on the surface of 3D shapes, for example, a circle on a cylinder and a triangle on a pyramid

We have also learnt about fractions. We introduced the children to one-third, three quarters and the equivalence of two-quarters with one-half. We explored these fractions and deepened our knowledge of halves and quarters with objects, shapes and quantities. We learnt to use fraction notation and discovered the role of the numerator and denominator. We learnt how to complete fraction sentences as we found fractions of quantities. We
also discovered patterns as we investigated counting in fractions.


This term, the children have been learning all about plants – germination, seed dispersal, pollination and the different parts of a plant as well as a flower.

Consolidating their learning the children were asked to make posters to teach others about the many different ways in which seeds are dispersed.

Re-new, Re-use, Recycle

We investigated all the different ways in which materials can be recycled and reused. Applying our knowledge, we began to orgainse bins around the school to help use become a more environment friendly place.

Science Presentations

The children worked in groups to construct interactive posters, leaflets and performances to show their knowledge and understanding of all things to do with plants and growing.

They were then asked to present their posters, leaflets and performances to one another.

Musical Fellows!

The children continued to develop their knowledge of tempo, beat and rhythm by applying their skills to compose their own pieces of music.


As part of our learning journey, this term, the children were set a half term challenge. They were asked to investigate measures taken to recycle and reuse.

They then learnt about all the different ways things can be recycled. The process which is taken and what happens as a result. Working as a group the class created a poster of different ways we can make a change.

The children then used their newly acquired knowledge and understanding to create a short video message.

The hope is that these video messages could be used in the future to support others learning about Recycling and the environment.

The children mapped, rehearsed and delivered their messages to ensure that it was clear.

Horse Visit

As part of our learning journey this term the children of Birch and Walnut classes paid a visit to Marianne’s horse. The children learnt about the important things needed to care for a large animal. Whilst we were there, the children worked as a team to collect manure so that we could use it as fertilister.

Amazing Artists!

This term, the children have explored many different mediums of art and applied this knowledge and understanding to their own art work.

Painting what we hear!

The children were asked to listen to different pieces of classical music. They were given three colours to use and were asked to paint what they hear. They used water colours to complete this task.

This allowed the children to express themselves in a different way. They enjoyed the experience and are excited to apply this way of painting to different genres of music.

Sections of the face

Walnut class, used their drawing skills to carefully draw the features of the human face. They learnt how to section the human face into four equal parts.

Spring has sprung

Inspired by the beautiful plants and flowers growing in the local area the children decided that they would like to copy them using water colours.

Ndebele Art

The children explored an art from that originates from South Africa. They learnt about the colours that are used as well as the use of straight lines to create amazing patterns.

Design and Technology

Wednesday Cooking Club

This term, we came together to explore a range of different recipes. The children worked in small mixed age groups to prepare lots of yummy things.

The children were able to apply their Mathematical and Literacy skills to successfully fulfil the instructions provided.

French Sessions

To ensure that every child develops their French language skills at their own pace, they are grouped into Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced. This has allowed for children to have intense and focused language teaching.


Vive le Printemps! This term we are all excited about spring and learning new vocabulary about gardening, growing fruits/vegetables/flowers and all about the different animals and insects we are beginning to see. We were particularly interested in learning about farm animals like the cow and all the products linked to cow’s milk. We learned about the different celebrations in March and April like La Saint Patrick & Pâques (Easter) and what people do to celebrate in different countries. We read books related to our topic and for each book studied the students very studiously worked on reading comprehension worksheets. The students also learned a new song (video hereunder).

Our song for the Printemps: Dans mon Verger


Back to school in March, together with our characters from the method ZigZag and some reading books, we spoke about sports they can practice at school or as a hobby. With the Gymnastic, we studied more in details the different parts of the body and some verbs of movement. They also enjoyed playing « Jacques a dit… » (“Simon says…”) as well as learning and miming the song « Vous savez faire du ski ?» (“Do you know how to ski”). It was also during this period that we learned how to locate things and people (how to say “next to”, “in front of” etc.) and started learning how to recognize the plural form in sentences. With the beginning of Springtime, they learned a song (see video) and expanded their vocabulary through exercises and did lovely cards for Easter. All activities allowed children to develop the four skills of the language (listening/speaking/reading/writing). In May, we will start the last school period by speaking about clothes and family.


Durant cette quatrième période, nous avons approfondi les apprentissages de la langue française en grammaire et en orthographe.

Topic – French

This term our IPC French topic was linked to the whole school ‘Green Garden Project’ which we started in early spring. We read books related to growing plants/vegetables/fruits from seeds. We made posters and presented the topics to our friends while learning new vocabulary in French. We listened to different bird songs and how there are so many different sounds. We also learned two new songs all about spring and regrowth/revival.

Ils ont appris la chanson “La vie c’est comme un jardin” des Enfantastiques:

Golden Time

Walnut and Birch class work extremely hard during the week and work towards having time were they can choose something to do. This can be something creative, active or just fun!


This term, we have learnt new gross motor skills and applied them to a range of different sporting activities. We have taken part in structured sessions as well as cycled in the forest.

Forest Exploration

We have explored, played, investigated and learnt new things during our time in the forest.