Chestnuts and Willows Blog Term 5 2020-2021


Little Chestnuts and Willows rolled up their sleeves this term and took very good care of their plot in order to harvest some delicious fruits, vegetables and herbs! Our tiny hands planted strawberries, various types of salads, tomatoes, radishes, basil, tarragon as well as parsley and we were able to add them to our lunches at school to the delight of all our FISP friends 😊 Growing our own food helps establish a strong connection between children and nature as well as provides a better understanding of where food comes from and how it gets to our plates all the while developing our gross and fine motor skills in a fun way!

Natural Gifts for Mother’s Day

For our Plants and Flowers term little Chestnuts and Willows created unique natural gifts for Mother’s Day! These gifts are truly special as not only were the children able to make them themselves from elements that they handpicked locally, these flowers contain many beneficial properties. Indeed, using freshly collected flowers from the orchard, the children created a daisy infused macerated oil with naturally lifting and toning properties as well as an anti-inflammatory and nourishing dandelion salve to the delight of their mommies.

Melody Our School Hen

Staying true to our Forest School education, little Chestnuts and Willows have had the pleasure of sharing their days with Melody our school hen 😊 From feeding her and playing catch in the corridors, reading her our favourite stories, singing to her and having her nap with us during the day, Melody has really become an integral part of our daily life here at FISP to the joy of our little ones.


In order to learn more about various plants, flowers and insects, little Chestnuts and Willows spent a morning at the magical Butterfly Farm! Mesmerised at so many butterflies and moths from all over the world flying around and sometimes even landing on us, this was definitely a special educational treat that we will all remember!

Off to the Farm

This term we went on a field trip to the wonderful Ferme de Gally in order to learn about trees, plants, insects and see our favourite animals of course! The children were able to visit horses, cows, bunnies, peacocks, pigs and best of all we were even allowed to come really close and pet sheep as well as baby goats! Strengthening bonds with the natural world is one of our top proprieties here at FISP as we strive to make sure we continuously provide opportunities for children to interact and to come in greater contact with wildlife, crops and animals in general. This helps children develop a sense of responsibility, empathy and compassion from a very early age which contributes to how they will see and interact with their environment for years to come.


The children had so much fun swimming this term! Although some of the children were not so comfortable with water at the beginning of the year, I am proud to say they all transformed into little Dolphins who just can’t get enough of jumping and sliding down into the pool 😊 Swimming is such a great to develop our bodies and coordination as well as enhancing our general strength and endurance