Walnut Class Blog Term 2, 2023-2024

This term 2 has been filled with boundless learning and creativity. In the spirit of the festive season, we’ve immersed ourselves in preparing for the Christmas show. From sewing and painting to creating and mastering dance routines, Walnut class has worked tirelessly to bring a touch of magic to the stage.


This term, we’ve been mastering column addition and subtraction. From handling remainders to tackling borrowing, we have shown incredible determination and skill. It’s been a rewarding period of honing our abilities, and we’re excited to share the progress and achievements in the world of numbers.

Our exploration of shapes has been comprehensive. We have immersed ourselves in the world of 2D and 3D shapes, mastering the skills of sorting, identifying, and creating patterns with them. We’ve delved into counting faces, edges, vertices, and more. It’s been an enriching learning journey.


We had an exciting term in Walnut class filled with different stories, including one by Dick King-Smith from the ‘Sophie’s Adventures’ collection. Next, we explored works by authors Rosemary Wells and Kes Gray—’Eat Your Peas’ and ‘Bunny Money,’ respectively. Their favourite was ‘Bunny Money,’ where the characters buy a present for Grandma. Learners shared their opinions about these stories and others, retelling them, engaging in role-play, and innovating on texts to create their own versions. To enhance punctuation skills, students learnt and practiced Punctuation Karate, assigning a karate-based sound and action for each punctuation symbol, making it more enjoyable and memorable. We also had Spelling and Grammar learning stations, practicing various sounds and grammar concepts such as nouns, adjectives, and verbs. Later, we started Unit 2 on how to write instructions, reading, analysing, and composing our own. 

Reading Workshop

Walnuts are enjoying two very different books at the moment, the wordless Journey by Aaron Becker and the colourful Man on the Moon by Simon Bartram. Both books have great scope for observation and discussion. Walnuts have compared Bob’s daily routine with their own, talked about the challenges of working in zero gravity and written a poem about the aliens that are all around but of whom Bob appears unaware. Journey uses colour to imply mood and significance and Walnuts are making their own interpretation of the picture story.

French with Joanna

This term we continued our adventures with ZIG & ZAG Unit 2 with the theme ‘La Ferme’. The students learned the names of all farm animals, they also learned specific details about them & new vocabulary (mammifère, becs, dents, pattes, nager, sauter, voler) and we read an article about les poules et les oeufs and what to look out for when buying eggs (free range etc) . They worked more closely this term on their French oral skills by reading short texts out loud, answering questions, working on the French sounds/syllables. We are beginning to understand that words in French can be either masculin/féminin by sorting words out under the articles un/ une/ le/la (ex: une vache, la poule, un mouton, le canard). We finished off the term with some fun & educational Christmas activities by learning about traditions around the world and making our own carte de voeux.


In Science we’ve uncovered the wonders of simple machines. From exploring pulleys to experimenting with levers and wheels, we have actively engaged in hands-on activities, unravelling the secrets behind these ingenious mechanisms. This journey of discovery has not only broadened our understanding but also sparked excitement for the intricate workings of the world around us.


With Lucía:

In our Art classes creativity knows no bounds. We kicked off the term by crafting our own treasure maps with coffee, setting the stage for a journey filled with artistic exploration. Throughout the term, the festive spirit took hold as we dedicated our time to Christmas-themed crafts. Using a myriad of materials, paints, and techniques, we immersed ourselves in creating unique masterpieces. Additionally, we poured our creative energy into crafting decorations for the Christmas Show.

Coding and Programming Workshop

This term, Walnuts class continued to learn how to do Coding and Programming in ScratchJr by: choosing a background, choosing characters, writing titles and changing colours, making programs to make the characters move, grow, shrink, move to the left, to the right and have conversations. The themes were the following: 

*Spooky Forest 

*Dribble a baskbetball 

*Dance party

*Meet and Greet 

*Classroom conversation 

*Christmas scene which included flashing lights and a star 

Design and Technology

This term Birch and Walnut students became robotic scientists and engineers as they got engaged in creating electric circuits and designing their own toys. We investigated with various materials to find out which ones are conductors and insulators. We learnt about different electrical components (e.g. bulb, motor, buzzer, switch, battery) their role and how they need to be connected to make an electrical circuit. We used imagination and gained knowledge to create our very own buzzing-drawing robot and burglar alarm.


During our Music lessons, we’ve been attuned to the nuances of rhythm and beat. Through engaging sessions, our students have delved into understanding the distinction between rhythm and beat. Exploring various musical genres, they’ve not only heard but felt the pulse and cadence that define these elements.

Throughout this second term, our students dedicated time to perfecting the songs for the Christmas show. Engaging in lively rehearsals, we not only sang with enthusiasm but also added an extra flair by incorporating dance moves. The classroom was alive with festive tunes and joyful steps as we prepared to showcase our musical talents in the Christmas show.

Finally, we performed the “Light, Camel, Action” show.

With Marie:

Simultaneously, they studied the musical tale of ‘The Nutcracker.’

Forest and PE

In our Forest Exploration and PE sessions, the classic game of hide and seek has become a must. The children eagerly embraced the thrill of hiding and seeking amidst nature, adding an extra layer of joy to our outdoor adventures. These sessions have not only kept us active but also fostered a strong sense of teamwork and camaraderie. Forest Exploration and PE have truly been a highlight, with hide and seek adding an extra dash of fun to our outdoor escapades


In Halloween, our class buzzed with excitement as kids dressed up, crafted slime, carved pumpkins, and enjoyed a scavenger hunt. Parents pitched in for a laid-back Halloween party with music, snacks, and games, making it a memorable celebration for everyone involved.