Birch Class, Term 4, 2023-2024

Through an active, rich and diverse curriculum, we continued to make excellent progress in our learning during this term.


In Birch Class, our mathematical journey this term has been both exciting and educational. We’ve delved into the world of multiplication, learning about repeated addition and exploring how groups of objects can be combined to find a total. Through hands-on activities and visual aids, we’ve gained a solid understanding of the concept of multiplication.

Additionally, we’ve introduced the concept of fractions, focusing on simple fractions such as halves and quarters. Through practical activities and group discussions, we’ve learned to recognize and understand fractions as equal parts of a whole.

We had an exciting celebration of Pi Day this term! We engaged in various activities to explore the fascinating number pi and its significance in mathematics. Through fun and interactive tasks, we learned about the concept of pi and its relationship to circles and geometry.


This term the students learned all about the importance of ‘describing words’: adjectives. We read Percy the Park Ranger books and the students were able to find words to describe the characters of ‘One Springy Day’ and make a poster to show off their amazing adjectives!

We also worked on counting out how many syllables there are in words by clapping out each sound. We continued working on our super spelling skills with daily mini spelling tests using our whiteboards and learning new sound combinations including the magic e, the shy i and repeating our “when two vowels go walking the first does the talking” to help us remember how to pronounce words properly. We also got dressed up as our favourite characters & celebrated International Book Day with the whole school.

International Book Day:

French with Marie

Cette quatrième période a été bien chargée en apprentissage puisque plusieurs notions de grammaire et de conjugaison ont été abordées en plus des nouveaux sons et des fiches de lecture et de compréhension. Nous avons abordé différents thèmes tels que le printemps, les poissons d’avril, la fête de Pâques…

Les livres lus durant ce terme ont été les suivants:

De ces albums, ont découlé différentes activités qui ont permis l’exploitation de ces histoires. Nous avons donné du sens à l’apprentissage des voyelles et des consonnes.

A chaque début de semaine, vos enfants ont appris et chanté une nouvelle chanson:

Le ciel est parcouru d’frissons, Gouttes gouttelettes de pluie, Concerto du printemps nouveau, Ding Dang Dong chanson de Pâques, Chanson de la gamme de do, Je prendrai soin de toi.

Les objectifs de cette période ont été:

– d’approfondir la langue française

– de s’exprimer de manière plus fluide

– de renforcer la syntaxe en s’exprimant oralement

– de connaître et d’acquérir les sons et les consonnes ( AN/EN, J, ON/OM, B, OI, G/GU ) ainsi que le principe du code alphabétique

– d’ associer le nom de la consonne et de connaître le son qu’elle produit

– d’approfondir le geste graphique en s’exerçant à écrire en attaché (écriture cursive)

– se familiariser avec la dictée

– de lire et de comprendre les histoires lues, de livres (collection Sami et Julie): Sami à Paris et La chasse aux oeufs

– de réciter une poésie “Le Printemps” d’Anne Marie Chapouton

– de chanter collectivement une chanson


This term in Science, Birch class explored the theme of ‘Healthy Living and Where Food Comes From.’ Students identified the reasons we need food in our lives and learned about which foods come from animals and plants. Next, they classified food into the five different food groups and learned what they need to eat to maintain a healthy diet. Then, pupils examined the differences between fruits and vegetables. We explored the concepts of ‘raw’ and ‘cooked’ foods and gained an understanding of the role taste buds play in our experience of eating. By the end, we recognized the differences between natural and processed foods and looked at the process of how chocolate is made. At the end of the term, they discussed the main dishes in their home country and why exercise is important to support a healthy brain and body.

Design and Technology

Project: Bird feeders

Linked to our learning on angles, children identified acute, obtuse and right angles and then ‘constructed them in the forest’. The children then identified these angles in different 2D shapes and constructed three different bird feeders.

Project : ”Basket”

D&T (Collaborative project with Oak and Walnut Classes)

In a world filled with screens and gadgets, there’s something truly magical about the timeless art of puppetry. And what better way to experience this enchanting craft than by creating your own wooden puppet from scratch? And why not call him FRED? At our Design and Technology lessons, students dived into the fascinating world of woodworking, cutting, screwing, and bringing to life their very own wooden puppet, FRED.

Students carefully selected their recycled materials and chose the perfect dry wooden branches to bring their puppet to life. Armed with saws and drills, they set to work, carving and shaping the wood with precision and care.

With screws and fasteners, students assembled the pieces, bringing their puppet to life with articulated limbs and movable joints. It was a labor of love, with each screw tightened and each piece secured, the puppet aka FRED began to dance and move with a life of his own, evidently dressed in our school uniform.

Forest and PE

This term in Birch and Walnut Class, we’ve been enjoying our time outdoors with forest exploration and cycling adventures. With the arrival of spring, we’ve been pedalling through the forest trails, soaking up the sights and sounds of nature.

Cycling has been a fun way to stay active and improve our biking skills while exploring the great outdoors. As we ride through the forest, we’ve been observing the plants and animals around us, learning about the environment and appreciating the beauty of nature.


This term we talked about “Food & health” and how it keeps us strong and healthy. Just like superheroes need their powers, we need food to help us grow, play, and have fun!

Fruits and vegetables are like magic potions. They come in all colours and flavours, and each one does something special for our bodies.

Don’t forget about grains! Bread, rice, and pasta are like the fuel in our tanks, giving us energy to play all day long. And what about dairy? Milk and cheese help our bones grow big and strong, just like the castles of knights!

We need to drink water like plants need rain. It keeps us hydrated and helps our bodies work properly.

Remember, food is not just delicious—it’s our secret weapon for staying healthy and happy. So let’s fill our plates with all the colours of the rainbow and enjoy every bite!

We’ve read these books:

We’ve also played the food bingo


This term, we’ve studied the musical tail “Le Carnaval des animaux” de Camille Saint-Saëns


This term, we’ve studied the painter Matisse.

And they’ve made Easter artistic activity

We also started by sketching our favorite fruits, carefully capturing their shapes and details on paper. Then, we brought our sketches to life by molding them with clay, adding texture and depth to our artwork.

Coding and Programming Workshop

This term, Birch class worked on theme projects in Scratch Jr, such as Saint Patrick’s Day, Easter Egg Hunt, International Book Day, and A Race in the City. They developed their fine motor skills by drawing different characters and dragging code blocks with the computer mouse. In every lesson, all students were engaged, focused, and eager to finish their work, which is amazing. Well done!