Walnut Class, Term 4, 2023-2024

Spring has sprung in Walnut Class! This term, we’ve been out and about, exploring the forest on our bikes and soaking up the sunshine (sometimes). Alongside our outdoor adventures, we’ve been busy learning and growing.


International Book Day:

We had an exciting term in Literacy as we unfolded the book ‘My Secret Sky Garden.’ The students were captivated by the beautiful illustrations and its use of language. This book helped the pupils develop and broaden their literacy skills by writing a poem about the visit they made to the orchard. Through discussions, predictions, sequencing, and role-playing, among other activities, they were able to write about Funni and her beautiful garden, visualize themselves in the story, and relate to the main character’s life and emotions. It was a productive term that showcased what they are capable of. Fantastic job, Walnuts!


In Walnut Class, our mathematical journey this term has been both challenging and rewarding. We’ve focused on mastering multiplication, diligently learning and applying the times tables for 2, 5, and 10. Through practice and perseverance, we’ve honed our skills and gained confidence in multiplication.

Additionally, we’ve delved into the fascinating world of fractions, exploring concepts such as halves, quarters, and thirds. Through hands-on activities and interactive lessons, we’ve deepened our understanding of fractions and their practical applications.

We had an exciting celebration of Pi Day this term! We engaged in various activities to explore the fascinating number pi and its significance in mathematics. Through fun and interactive tasks, we learned about the concept of pi and its relationship to circles and geometry.

French with Joanna

This term we went ‘Au Marché (to the market) with the characters of Zig Zag and learned all about fruits & vegetables in French. We sorted out les fruits et légumes and made posters. We learned new sounds and also the difference between “les phrases affirmatives et négatives” by quizzing each other on what fruits & vegetables we like or dislike (“j’aime et je n’aime pas”). We learned a song about what can be bought at the market (please find the video hereunder of your children singing away beautifully). We read books related to the new season of Printemps (les poules, les oeufs de Pâques but also a funny story about a ghost in a market) and worked hard on reading comprehension activities linked to these books.


In Science this term, Walnut class explored the theme ‘Healthy habits and ways of avoiding diseases.’ Students understood and identified how the spread of germs occurs and the best way to keep diseases away by conducting an experiment. Then, we discussed nutrition and how important it is to have a balanced diet according to the different food groups. Next, we examined seeds and dissected one to observe its internal structure. We also discussed sleep and various techniques to promote restful sleep. Finally, we explored emotions and techniques to find peace and quiet when our minds feel troubled. 

French Topic with Joanna

This term the topic was related to “la santé” (health) and the students learned all about how to look after their bodies by eating well and getting regular exercise. We studied all about la squelette/les os/les muscles/les articulations and identified them on paper. We learned about ‘les 7 familles d’aliments’ (7 food groups): les boissons/les féculents/les sucres/les graisses/produits laitiers/protéines/végétaux (drinks/carbohydrates/sugars/fats/dairy products/protein/fruits & vegetables). The students had to find these different foods in supermarket catalogues, cut them out and make their own ‘flower petal’ with the 7 groups. We took advantage of the good weather (whenever possible!) to dance & sing our topic song ‘1, 2 ,3 Aerobique’ , all about keeping our bodies moving!


Collaborative Birch, Walnut and Oak Project

In a world filled with screens and gadgets, there’s something truly magical about the timeless art of puppetry. And what better way to experience this enchanting craft than by creating your own wooden puppet from scratch? And why not call him FRED? At our Design and Technology lessons, students dived into the fascinating world of woodworking, cutting, screwing, and bringing to life their very own wooden puppet, FRED.

Students carefully selected their recycled materials and chose the perfect dry wooden branches to bring their puppet to life. Armed with saws and drills, they set to work, carving and shaping the wood with precision and care.

With screws and fasteners, students assembled the pieces, bringing their puppet to life with articulated limbs and movable joints. It was a labor of love, with each screw tightened and each piece secured, the puppet aka FRED began to dance and move with a life of his own, evidently dressed in our school uniform.

Forest Challenges and Team building activities


Our musical adventures have taken us on a journey of vocal transformation and symbol interpretation. This term, we’ve been honing our singing skills by learning how to modulate our voices to convey different emotions and styles. From soft whispers to powerful crescendos, we’ve explored the full range of our vocal abilities. Additionally, we’ve embarked on a fascinating journey of instrument differentiation, learning to distinguish between various types of instruments

This term, we’ve studied the musical tail “Le Carnaval des animaux” de Camille Saint-Saëns


We studied the painter Matisse

We also started by sketching our favorite fruits, carefully capturing their shapes and details on paper. Then, we brought our sketches to life by molding them with clay, adding texture and depth to our artwork.

Coding and programming workshop

This term, Walnut class worked on theme projects in Scratch Jr, such as Saint Patrick’s Day, Easter Egg Hunt, and a project about Funni (the main character of ‘The Secret Sky Garden’ book) and her colourful garden. They developed their fine motor skills by drawing different characters and dragging code blocks with the computer mouse. In every lesson, all students were engaged, focused, and eager to finish their work, which is amazing. Well done!


This term in Walnut and Birch Class, we’ve been enjoying our time outdoors with forest exploration and cycling adventures. With the arrival of spring, we’ve been pedalling through the forest trails, soaking up the sights and sounds of nature.

Cycling has been a fun way to stay active and improve our biking skills while exploring the great outdoors. As we ride through the forest, we’ve been observing the plants and animals around us, learning about the environment and appreciating the beauty of nature.