Maple class Term1, 2023-2024

All about me

In this wonderful setting, this first term, we worked on the theme “All about me”.

In the forest, in the classroom, through new experiences, every day, they develop their knowledge and learn to get to know each other and to live in a community together.

In the classroom, the children had the opportunity to dress up and become any character they wanted to be.


During this term and throughout the year, the children touch different materials, create shapes, objects and animals according to the themes addressed and also develop their imagination as well as their fine motor skills.

Throughout this term, we’ve talked about who we are, what makes us unique, the different parts of our bodies. We made lungs out of balloons and straws and worked on how to brush our teeth properly.

We also talked about our feelings through role play and what we like best…

Through painting, drawing, chalk work, using natural elements such as painting with leaves and apples, the modelling clay that we created in class, the children used their imagination and created characters in the image of themselves.

Then we talked about the theme of houses. We built our own houses out of lego, painted a house in the forest, designed a house out of chalk, and created a house out of paper using the different shapes provided. Then we created houses in the forest. The children very much enjoyed these activities.

Finally, the children created cards and bracelets for their friends.

The kids also created beautiful snails with clay and deers with wood and chestnuts.


Practical Life is a key component of the Montessori educational approach. It involves providing children with hands-on, real-life experiences that contribute to the development of physical, intellectual, and social skills.

During this term, we focused on skills related to self-care, such as dressing , brushing teeth and toileting.

And care of the environment such as cleaning and composting – as part as of the school’s Eco project .

And social skills such as cutting apples for snack and cooking and co-operating with others.

These activities help children develop their independence, coordination and fine motor skills. Along with concentration and a sense of responsibility. In repeating the same gestures children reinforce their self-confidence and acquire the necessary maturity related to their age and growth.


Sensorial life refers to our ability to experience and interpret sensory stimuli from the world around us. We focused on using our senses. These senses include sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell. Our brain processes this sensory information and enables us to perceive, understand and respond to our environment. Sensorial life is crucial for our survival and helps us communicate, learn and connect with others. It is constantly evolving as we interact with the world, and can be enhanced or impaired by various factors such as genetics, environment and experience.

This was provided through a number of our activities related to the theme All About Me such as feeling the different parts of our bodies, walking on chestnuts, tasting and smelling many different flavours and looking and listening to birds.


In order to develop and work on children’s motor skills, we have, among other things, made a lot of use of scissors and carried out various cutting sessions.


This term we have developed our knowledege and understanding of phonics.

We have explored a range of new letters and sounds through actions, songs, story telling and games.

Jolly Phonics phase 1 introduces the sounds s, a, t, i, p and n. We have learned these sounds whilst using different objects in the classroom and in the forest to represent these different sounds.

Through the introduction pf these sounds, children begin to use their knowledge of letter sounds to blend and segment words and listen more carrefuly in sounds that compose the words.

The children also began to write their names, the date and the sounds learned in class, using the sand to trace the letters in, the playdoh, the chalk, and even natural resources from the forest.

We are also focusing on spoken language thanks to our discussions during circle time about different subjects such as talking about their weekend, the books we are reading in class and putting the stories into the correct order.


Regarding numeracy, we work each day on a different matter such as counting from 1 up to the current date, working on bigger than, smaller than, identifying different shapes and beginning to introduce the notion of addition.

Numbers and counting

Bigger than/Smaller than….


Writing numbers


As the weather was so warm, we had the chance to spend a lot of time outside playing with water. This gave us an opportunity to expand our learning about different matter, especially liquid matter. We were able to compare liquid matter to solid matter and we also experimented by pouring water!


Since the beginning of this term, the children have explored the forest and have become more comfortable and creative when playing with all of the forest materials at their disposal.

They also have gained more confidence when it comes to climbing and balancing on trees and tree trunks.