Walnut Class, Term 3, 2023-2024

Walnut Class has continued its journey of exploration and learning. This term, we made the most of the snowy days by enjoying outdoor activities and play. Through collaborative efforts, we engaged in various challenges in the forest, fostering teamwork and camaraderie.


This term Walnut class had a varied and engaging term. They got involved in the following activities: 

Learning to Write Instructions:

   – Conducted experiments on how plants absorb water.

   – Discussed and wrote about the equipment and process involved.

   – Practiced using sequential words and varied verbs.

Reading Comprehension:

   – Read stories about various topics, including “Little Cousin Clare”, “Lunchbox: The Story of Your Food”, “Games from around the World” and “Cobweb Morning”.

   – Answered comprehension questions related to the stories.

Creative Writing:

   – Students created bear or duck stories with their own adventures.

   – Explored rhymes and poems.

     – Practiced syllable counting and drew inspiration from the forest.

     – Explored a dinner-time rhyme about food preferences and identified adjectives.

     – Engaged in a roleplay about shoe shopping.

     – Found the rhyming words in the first part of the poem “New Shoes”.

     – Ended the term with a writing rhyme project about magical shoes with unique features like aeroplane wings or the ability to tour space. 

   – On our last day before the holiday, we made a Book of Poems, where learners will be collecting the poems and rhymes they’re writing. 

Language Skills:

   – Developed vocabulary related to food and clothing/shoes.

   – Explored descriptive language through adjectives.

– Students sorted the vocabulary found in the poems into nouns, verbs, and adjectives.

Overall, it was a well-rounded term that incorporated activities that were not only educational but also fun and engaging for the students.


In Walnut Class, this term has been a journey into the realm of multiplication. We’ve delved into the world of Times Table Rockstars challenges, honing our multiplication skills with enthusiasm and determination. Alongside mastering multiplication, we’ve ventured into the realm of division, exploring its concepts with curiosity. Additionally, we took our learning outdoors, engaging in hands-on activities in the forest to deepen our understanding of multiplication, particularly the concept of equal groups. It’s been a term of mathematical discovery and growth.

French with Joanna

After all the festivities of Christmas and New Year we decided to keep on celebrating this term! We began the term with the celebration of l’Epiphanie (6/01) and la Galette des Rois. We joined up with Birch class to learn about the tradition of la Galette and the students made their own galettes. Next up was the celebration of La Chandeleur (2/02) where the students also prepared their crëpes and the whole school got together to flip the pancakes carefully and enjoy eating them with a variety of tasty toppings! We finished off this term of festivities learning about and doing fun & educational activities around Le Nouvel An Chinois/Mardi Gras/Carnaval and La Saint Valentin (we got together with Birch class and made heart shaped biscuits for the parents). This term we also read a lot of books including the series ‘Sami & Julie’ (all books linked to the themes of this term). The children particularly appreciate this series which is adapted to their age and they all did really well with their reading comprehension worksheets, bravo!

Les petits sablés for Valentine’s Day.


This term in Walnut Class, our focus in science and geography has been on the theme of an “Active Planet.” We’ve studied volcanoes, conducting experiments to understand their eruptions. Additionally, we’ve explored the layers of the atmosphere, planets, moon phases, and our galaxy. From Earth’s crust to outer space, it’s been a term of exciting discovery and learning.

French Topic with Joanna

This term’s topic for Walnut class was rather ‘explosive’: ‘Les Volcans’! We learned a lot of new vocabulary in French by reading books, watching videos and images of volcanoes : les types de volcans (rouge/effusif et gris/explosif), la formation d’un volcan (chambre magmatique, cheminée, magma, cratère, coulée de lave). We discussed the tragedy of Pompéi (Vésuve) but also eruptions in the USA (Mont Saint Helens), Santorin (la Grèce) , Tambora (Indonésie). We researched these volcanoes and made posters (placing them on world map with photos).

We also studied how Carnaval is celebrated around the world.


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Collaborative creation. There is so much ART in me!

In Design and Technology projects, Birch and Walnut students had the opportunity to extend their understanding of different carpentry techniques while creating their ‘Computer Components Eiffel Tower’. The children were eager to get on with the project straight away and demonstrated precise actions while disassembling old computers and safely used a drill, heat gun and a screw driver. Collaged paper, melted crayons and electronic components beautifully fitted together as one and Birch and Walnut students are proud of their recycled materials Eiffel Tower.

Science experiments with snow

During the snowy January days, Birch and Walnut scientists investigated with snow and tested different materials to find good thermal insulators and conductors. Students devised different experiments where they measured the time, temperature and amount of water formed after snow or ice was melted.

Developing our survival skills in the forest – Forest Challenges

Forest Challenges and Team building activities

During our whole school forest challenges and team building activities, the children were engaged in a variety of physical and logical tasks. Not only that they started to develop a sense of belonging to the team but also tried to overcome frustration when something was not going their way. As a team, they tried to work on these tasks and often agreed on the strategies and techniques that they had to use. The main mission for these challenges is not only to allow children to have fun but also enrich their set of skills that will be useful for the rest of their lives.

The children worked on their Morality, Enquiry, Cooperation, Communication, Thoughtfulness, Respect, Resilience and Determination personal goals.

These skills are vital to acquire from an early age and knowing ‘how to get up when we are knocked down’ is very important


This term, we’ve studied the musical tail “Pierre et le loup”

Chinese song

This term in Walnut and Birch Class, our focus in Music has been on understanding pitch. Through engaging lessons, we’ve explored the concept of pitch and how it relates to music. From high to low tones, we’ve practiced identifying and reproducing different pitches.


This term, we’ve studied the painter Mondrian.

Chinese Art

The children of the primary section learnt about the story told of 12 animals that competed in race and of how now each animal represents a new lunar year. We learnt about the importance of red envelopes and how to write in Chinese. They also made a Dragon puppet.

Walnut Class and Birch have been a hub of creativity and experimentation. We’ve explored a variety of materials, allowing our imaginations to run wild. From paints to clay, we’ve embraced the opportunity to express ourselves through different mediums. It’s been a term of artistic exploration and self-expression.

Coding and programming workshop

This term, Walnut Class worked on different games to develop their coding and programming skills. They engaged in activities related to sequencing, debugging, loops, and functions. Students demonstrated their ability to learn independently and solve various problems. By the end of the term, they worked on a project in ScratchJr, which gave them the confidence to use the computer and realize that making mistakes is part of the learning process.