Birch Class – Term 5 – 2022/2023

What an incredible journey we’ve had in Term 5 exploring “The Earth, Our World!” Our classroom has been alive with enthusiasm as we’ve explored the wonders of oceans, continents, and rainforests. We’ve also had a fantastic trip, delved deep into the fascinating world of chickens, showcased our talents in the summer show, and had a thrilling sports day. Moreover, we have been able to keep developing and improving our mathematical and literary skills.


During this term, in Birch Class, we’ve embarked on an exciting learning journey exploring Geometry: Position & Direction. We have developed a solid foundation in identifying and describing shapes, understanding positional language, and exploring spatial relationships. Through hands-on activities, we have gained a deeper understanding of concepts like above, below, left, and right. We have also enjoyed interactive games that have made learning about position and direction even more engaging.

Furthermore, in our class, we have been immersing ourselves in the world of money. Alongside learning about coins and counting, we created a small market where we had the opportunity to apply our knowledge in a practical setting. We enthusiastically bought and sold various items, honing our money-handling skills and developing a deeper understanding of transactions. This hands-on experience was invaluable in reinforcing the concepts of value and exchange. We have also discussed the importance of responsible spending and saving for the future.

Also, this term, Birch class has been actively learning about time. We have been introduced to analog clocks and have made progress in reading them, identifying when the big and little hands point to specific numbers. We have also explored digital clocks to understand how time is represented digitally. Through engaging activities like creating our own clock, we’ve sharpened our time-telling skills while having fun.

Moreover, during this term Birch class has been introduced to the exciting world of multiplication. We have explored the concept through repeated addition, understanding that multiplication is a quicker way to add equal groups. Through engaging activities, such as creating arrays with counters and objects, we have visualized multiplication as rows and columns. By using arrays, we have developed a deeper understanding of the relationship between multiplication and division.


Birch class read the story of a mystery egg. Inspired by the story, they then applied their drawing and writing skills creating their own super hero comics. As a class we explored a range of vocabulary that could be found in writing comic strips.

Birch class have continued to develop their knowledge and understanding of phonics. This term they have worked on phase 5 of the jolly phonics programme.

Birch class have become confident readers and are moving away from using segmenting and blending of most words. They are able to read with fluency and have demonstrated growing comprehension skills.

The children have progressed with their phonic skills and are now using them to work independently when writing. They are applying their phonics skills to spelling and word discovery.

Trip to Vexin

Birch and Walnut classes took a trip to the region of Vexin. We spent 4 days and 3 nights explore the local area as well as taking to the water and kayaking down river. at the La Bergerie de Villarceaux.

Our first afternoon onsite was so hot, we took a trip through the local woods. We hiked for 6 kilometers and explored the local environment and wildlife. We came across a stream that was ice cold and decided to play and have fun in the water before continuing the hike.

We returned to a fabulous cooked meal that made us well and truly full! The teachers were surprised that there were so many empty plates. Then it was time for bed!

Day two of our trip we awoke to beautiful sunshine and got ready for a day filled with Canoeing and Hiking. All excited for the day we packed our bags, had breakfast and off we went. First, we went Canoeing – we were placed in teams and prepared team chants.

Once on the river, we all became very competitive and wanted to be the first team across the finish line. We all had a great time! Plus, we were able to see the local wildlife that surround the river.

Once we had finished our morning of Canoeing, we returned to shore for our hike through the painters trail. Our first stop was Monet’s home.

We then began our tour of the village and its surroundings that inspired so many different artists of the Impressionist movement, stopping for lunch along the way.

We then went high above the village to see the amazing views of the surrounding area, stopping for a refreshing ice pop.

Inspired by what we saw on our hike we then returned to the centre to create our own works of art based on Monet’s style.

Day three, again we awoke to a beautiful sun filled sky. This day was full of new adventures and experiences. We began our day with a morning Canoe trip further down river. On our trip we discovered a mystical beach so we pulled our Canoes in and had our picnic lunch.

In the afternoon, we hiked over the white chalk cliffs and explored the parts of the local chateau’s wildlife centre.

Day four was filled with a fun packed morning exploring local farms and chateau’s close to the activity centre. We began our day with a warm up.

After a hearty breakfast and a good stretch we set off on our hike. Before returning to the centre to help pack the van for our trip back to school.


During this term, Birch Class have been on an exciting learning journey exploring the world of chickens. Our classroom has become a hub of discovery, where we have been captivated by these interesting animals. We have learned about their life cycle, adaptations, and how to care for them. Through hands-on activities and discussions, we have deepened our understanding of chickens and their importance in our lives.

Design and Technology

Music and Dance

The children of Birch and Walnut classes came together to create a dance based on what they had learnt in previous terms. They wanted to apply the use of ribbons and hoops.

They discussed and used moves that were familiar to them all and then researched some more using the internet. As a group they chose a song that they all liked and knew and then began to choreograph their dance.


Both Birch and Walnut classes were set a homework challenge to complete before the beginning of Term 5. They were asked to research the topic of ‘Our World’ with a focus on the rainforest. This project work allowed the children to explore the topic in advance before learning in school, as well as to become engaged with the topic.

Physical Education and swimming

We have been actively engaged in various physical activities and games, promoting teamwork and physical development. We have enjoyed energetic games which have enhanced our coordination, agility, and listening skills. Additionally, we have participated in team-building games, such as relay races and obstacle courses, fostering collaboration and communication among classmates. These activities have not only improved our physical fitness but also taught us the value of cooperation and sportsmanship.

We took full advantage of the lovely weather by engaging in exhilarating water games. We had an absolute blast with our outdoor water slide, where the students gleefully slid down and splashed around, cooling off and having a great time. These water-based activities not only provided a refreshing break from the heat but also promoted coordination, balance, working as a team and water safety skills.