Walnut Class Term 5 2022/2023

What an amazing Summer Term we have had! We have been very busy learning new things and building upon foundations laid throughout the year.

Our Topic this term was ‘The Earth, Our World!’ We learnt about all the wonderfully different things that make our world so amazing! We learnt about the places people and animals call home as well, as what is needed for those things to survive. We became scientists and geographers in order to answer the following questions:

What do living things need to survive? How do different habitats provide for their needs?

What is a fossil? Are there different types of rocks?

Trip to Vexin

Birch and Walnut classes took a trip to the region of Vexin. We spent 4 days and 3 nights exploring the local area, as well as taking to the water and kayaking down river at La Bergerie de Villarceaux.

Our first afternoon onsite was so hot so we took a trip through the local woods. We hiked for 6 kilometers and explored the local environment and wildlife. We came across a stream that was ice cold and decided to play and have fun in the water before continuing the hike.

We returned to a fabulous cooked meal that made us well and truly full! The teachers were surprised that there were so many empty plates. Then it was time for bed!

Day two of our trip we awoke to beautiful sunshine and got ready for a day filled with Canoeing and Hiking. All excited for the day we packed our bags, had breakfast and off we went. First, we went Canoeing – we were placed in teams and prepared team chants.

Once on the river, we all became very competitive and wanted to be the first team across the finish line. We all had a great time! We were able to see the local wildlife that surround the river.

Once we had finished our morning of Canoeing we returned to shore for our hike through the painters trail. Our first stop was Monet’s home.

We then began our tour of the village and its surroundings that inspired so many different artists of the Impressionist movement, stopping for lunch along the way.

We then went high above the village to see the amazing views of the surrounding area before stopping for a refreshing ice pop.

Inspired by what we saw on our hike we then returned to the centre to create our own works of art based on Monet’s style.

Day three, again we awoke to a beautiful sun filled sky. This day was full of new adventures and experiences. We began our day with a morning Canoe trip further down river, on our trip we discovered a mystical beach. We pulled our Canoes in and had our picnic lunch.

In the afternoon, we hiked over the white chalk cliffs and explored the parts of the local chateau’s wildlife center.

Day four, was filled with a fun packed morning exploring local farms and chateaus close to the activity center. We began our day with a warm up.

After a hearty breakfast and a good stretch we set off on our hike. Before returning to the centre to help pack the van for our trip back to school.


This term, Walnut class continued to develop their knowledge and understanding of information texts. They explored the different ways information is presented. First, they closely looked at the news reports.

We applied our dictionary skills to discover the meaning of key vocabulary used in the report. This allowed us to understand the reason why these words are used, as well as to learn new words.

We continued to develop our use of Apostrophes and contracted words. Challenging ourselves to apply these to our writing.

Walnut class reviewed some elements of poems such as the poet, stanza, verses, and rhymes by identifying them on a nonsense poem.

They read some nonsense poems.

Afterwards, the students learned new poetry tools like onomatopoeia, metaphor, simile, repetition, and personification. They wrote examples for each of the tools.

Finally, Walnut students created their own nonsense poems using the elements they learned along the unit. They had the opportunity to give and receive constructive peer feedback about their pieces of writing.

We worked in groups to apply our knowledge and understanding of conjunctions. Achieving this by creating a range of sentences. We were given a set of cards that included conjunctions and subordinate clauses.


It has been an exciting term in Walnut Class as we delved into the world of measurement, focusing on length and height. We explored various tools, such as rulers and tape measures, to accurately measure objects in metric. Through interactive activities and real-life challenges, we sharpened our skills in converting units and solving measurement problems. From estimating classroom objects to comparing heights of famous landmarks, we have shown remarkable progress in applying measurement concepts.

Furthermore, we have been focusing on the exciting concepts of position and direction. We have explored directional language to describe and navigate positions, mastering the use of terms like left, right, up, and down. Through a variety of interactive activities and practical exercises, we have developed our understanding of mapping, coordinates, and the fascinating concept of symmetry. We have shown tremendous growth in visualizing and manipulating shapes in space.

In Walnut Class, we have been on a multiplication journey like no other! We have dedicated three days per week to mastering our multiplication skills using the fantastic Time Table Rockstars program.

With enthusiasm and determination, we have tackled multiplication facts, improving our speed and accuracy in recalling them. Through daily practice and engaging challenges, we have built a strong foundation for multiplication success.

National Archive Workshop

This term, we took part in a history workshop with Oak class. Connecting to the British National Archives, we were led on a non-stop tour of all their hidden treasures.

We became historical investigators and were set a range of challenges. First, we were asked to explore a document and draw conclusions of which time period it would have been from.

We then had to discuss and rate the importance of all the documents explored. From this, we cultivated an exposition.


This term, we have investigated and explored different types of rocks and fossils. Looking closely at the similarities and differences between them. First, we compared and identified different rocks.

Then, we investigated a rock’s density, if it was permeable, its durability and if it was hard or soft. We then moved onto investigating what a fossil is.

Working in pairs we sequenced the fossilisation process and discuss how fossils are formed over millions of years. From this, we learnt about the different types of fossils that can be found. We learnt that there are chemical fossils, trace fossils and body fossils.

We applied our new knowledge and understanding by creating a poster that would help to inform others. Once they were completed we were asked to share them with the class.

Taking our learning further, we looked closely at a famous paleontologist called Mary Anning. We learnt about her life and discoveries and how she helped others to learn about fossils.

Applying our new knowledge of fossils we decided to create our very own trace and mould fossils using leaves and our hands and feet.

Cross-curricular links were made when Walnut class decided to paint their newly formed fossils. As a group we discussed what the best colours for our fossils would be. Some chose to paint their fossil grey and others brown.


Both Birch and Walnut classes were set a homework challenge to complete before the beginning of Term 5. They were asked to research the topic of ‘Our World’ with a focus on the rainforest. This project work allowed the children to explore a topic prep before learning in school, as well as to become engaged with the topic focus.


The children of Birch and Walnut classes worked together to create their own jungle role play area. The children collected their own resources and decided what materials were to be used.

We took a trip around the world discovering and discussing the many different countries.

During this unit, the students worked with maps and globes, and it was so much fun!

They learned some geographic concepts such as island, continent, ocean, country and city. In order to check their understanding, Walnut and Birch class did a “map hunt,” which consisted of looking for examples of these geographic elements on the map or globe.

Then, the students learned everything about rainforests; The types, locations, characteristics, layers, flora and fauna you can find in them. To consolidate the students’ learning, they were asked to create a brochure. They were so creative!

Finally, the students put all their learning together by doing their own globe using concrete material. Also, they were able to locate some places on it!

Both classes were then set the challenge of creating their very own globes.


Taking inspiration from their visit to the Louis Vuitton Foundation the children decided to create their own pieces of Warhol x Basquiat artwork.

They created this piece of art using a range of different media’s and by working together. The results were very imaginative.

Walnut class drew inspiration from their topic work learning about how to help the planet. They sourced recycled materials to create a work of art that helped send a message that we all need to try and recycle things the best we can.

Drawing inspiration from our trip to Vexin, Walnut class worked collaboratively to recreate one of Monet’s famous paintings. They decided that they wanted to add vibrant colours and create a piece of 3D art.

Birch and Walnut explored the world of Picasso. As a group we viewed and discussed different pieces of art. From this, the children were asked to use what they had seen as inspiration and create their own pieces of art.

The children first drew an outline of their portraits, reimagining the different features of the face. They then used 4 colours; blue, red, green and yellow and used these colours to create more.

Crafting and textile work

We copied our designs onto fabric, ensuring that every detail was transferred. From this, we then used fabric pens to colour and complete our design.

We then used similar material to create patches for the back drop of our summer show.

Day trip adventure to Foundation Louis Vuitton

We arrived early and took in the sights of the beautiful foundation building, walking around the outside exploring and noting every detail. We then joined the queue of people hungry to see what the exposition had to offer.

Once inside, we travelled through the calm and quiet galleries, stopping to discuss and evaluate the large paintings that hung before us. We took our learning and understanding of the two artists and applied it first hand.

Later, we explored the park that surrounds the foundation building. We stumbled across a water fountain and the temptation was too much, so we all took to the water and played. Just what we needed on a hot and sunny day!

Design and Technology