Maple Class Term 1 2020/21

This term in Maple Class our topic has been ‘All about me’. We first learnt about our bodies and then the world around us. We have had some great learning experiences this term when exploring the forest, collecting natural materials, building our own mini landmarks, singing songs, dancing, biking, swimming, playing by doing all these things we have learnt lots of cool and wonderful new things.

A mini adventure to France Miniature.

At the beginning of the term, we went on a trip to France miniature. We spent the day exploring all the different landmarks found across France and tried to identify them. Some of those landmarks were from Paris. We also were able to recognise some landmarks that we had seen on our holidays.

Marking mini landmarks.

Inspired by what we had seen on our trip to France Miniature, we decided to create our own mini models of famous Paris landmarks using recyclable materials.

First, Birch and Walnut Classes came to help us make a large scale Eiffel Tower using lolly sticks. To create the large scale model we looked at pictures of the tower, closely looking at the detail found on it. The older children helped us to layout the different sections of the tower.

Then, we constructed our own Eiffel Towers using lolly sticks and paper. We focused on trying the recreate the patterns seen on the tower.

The creativity continued and we made models of other famous landmarks to do this we used paper rolls and egg cartons to recreate the Arc de Triomphe. We then decorated our models in a range of colours to make our models stand out.

Fabulous Phonics.

This term we have focused on phase two of Jolly Phonics. S, A T, I, P, N. Completing a range of different activities by creating big letters, craft, paintings as well as associating actions with the sound the letters make. As a class, we are working towards sounding and segmenting CVC words as well as beginning to form letters using gross and fine motor skills.

Loud Literacy!

In literacy, we have been reading lots of different stories that focus on a character who faces problems that they have to overcome. The task set was to make comparisons between the characters and ourselves. As a class, we thought of different strategies those characters could use to overcome these problems.

Here are some of the stories we explored.

What a Wonderful World!

First, we read the story ‘What a Wonderful World’. Then we created small worlds to show how we see the world around us. From this, we went out into the forest and listened carefully to the world that surrounds us at school. Inspired by this we then painted what we had seen and heard back at school.

Elmer and the stranger.

We read the story of ‘Elmer and the stranger’ Then talked about what it means to be different and how it can be a good thing. Also talking about how we are all different in our own special way. The task was set of designing our own Elmer’s by using a range of resources. Later, as a class, we drew a huge Elmer on the playground and decorated it to show that we are all made up different things that make us individual and unique.

As apart of this project we were set the challenge of championing peoples differences and to show kindness, understanding and friendship to one another.

The Little Red Hen and Not now Bernard!

We read the story of ‘The Little Red Hen’ and talked about what is happening in the story and how the hen is feeling at different stages. We linked this to the story of ‘Not now Bernard!’. Then role-played how Bernard would feel when he is not listened to by his parents.

We then got creative and decorated a large poster of a monster. The result was creating a classroom monster. To create the monster we used a range of different coloured feathers and other resources.

Lets role play!

This term with have used role play to act out stories and create new wonderful worlds using our imaginations.

Friends! and Oliver and Patch.

First, we read the story friends and talked about what is it to be a good friend. We created pictures of our friends and spoke about what we do together. From this, we sequenced the story to show the journey the boy takes to find his friend.

‘Oliver and Patch’ is a story about a young boy that moves to a big city. He is from the countryside and finds it hard to make new friends. However, one day he meets a lost dog and they become great friends. As a class, we read the story and made comparisons to ourselves. The class was then set the challenge of creating their own big city using recycled cardboard.

We love exploring books!

Mathematical Magic!

This term we have been learning about numbers and how they can be represented in many different ways. We painted numbers, collected natural resources, sang songs and sorted objects into groups.

Perfect patterns.

We have been learning about different colours and the patterns that we can make with them. We were set the task of recreating patterns that were given to us. Then we were set the challenge of making our own.

Is there something on my face?

First, we looked at our faces in the mirror and named the different features that we saw. As a class, we talked about how we all have different hair, eye and skin colours. This makes us unique and special.

Using paper plates we created our faces and used a range of materials to make the hair, eyes and other features of the face.

Super swimmers!

During our swimming sessions, we learnt new skills and how to take care of ourselves when we are in the water.

Fun in the Forest!

This term we have done some amazing things in the forest. From Biking and playing to exploring and roasting chestnuts. One thing that we really enjoyed was when we went on an adventure in the forest and took bark rubbings. We then brought them back to school to make our own tree.

Disco Dancers!

Each week we have taken part in dance sessions where we have learnt how to control our bodies and move them in different ways to represent different things. We have taken our dance sessions outside onto the playground and into the forest.

French Fantastic!

In French, we learnt lots of new vocabulary by singing songs and playing games. We made our own musical instruments to use when we were singing.

IPC French Afternoons.

In our IPC sessions, we have been learning about the features of the face, autumnal animals as well as the French version head, shoulders, knees and toes.