Walnut Class Term 4 2019/20

This term we have continued our learning journey through the virtual platform ‘Seesaw’. This has provided us with some amazing and very out of the box learning experiences which are providing us with opportunities to become more independent thinkers and learners.

Let’s look back on the fantastic learning that has taken place!

Our topic this term was ‘Children of the Second World War’. We looked closely at the evacuation of children from the big cities to the countryside.


First, we identified the features of a narrative.

Identifying 3 of the features of a narrative in the model text.
After identifying the features of the model text the challenge was then set to edit and re-write sections using the skills we had learnt in class.
Before we started to write we generated different descriptive words to support us with our writing. We created word banks and examples that we could later use.


In Literacy, we wrote Narratives that had told the story of evacuated children. We explored the Narrative and broke it down into sections this helped us have a clear idea of what would happen to the characters and where they would go.

Making sure that we included exciting and descriptive language. To do this we read through our work and edited.

We looked at sentence structures and the development of the language that we use when we write a descriptive piece.
We used sections of the model text and adapted it. Doing this we work on our editing and drafting.
Cartoon strip Narrative
We drew out the story this helped us to think about what we wanted to write.

Virtual learning has helped us to present work in different ways. We have been able to present work using pictures, videos and voice notes.

Diary entries

Diary entries. We looked at planning and writing recounts in the role children that had been evacuated.

Before writing our diary entries we planned using the features of a recount and made sure that all our ideas are clear and easy to follow when writing.
Using a planning template can help to keep our writing on track.
Recount -Diary entry
We discussed the different features of a diary entry and looked at what we needed to include. We were also given the choice of writing a diary entry as ourself or as a child in the Second World War.

Support for Spelling

To support our writing we worked on the basic writing skills. For example tenses and what type of sentence is the correct one to use.
Using columns we were able to identify what type of sentence we were looking at.
Then we were set the challenge of converting the tense of words taken from a sentence.


In Mathematics, we explored many topics, the virtual learning experience has helped us to become more creative with our maths work. This term we covered statistics and Geometry -properties of shape.

Activities completed using Seesaw.
Exploring collecting information and presenting data collected in Statistics
Using different mediums to complete the work set.
Painting and constructing their own 3D shapes.
Completed tasks set through Seesaw.


Throughout this term, we have looked at events of the Second World War. Using Seesaw and other media sources to conduct our own research about the events. We looked at the ‘Blitz’, ‘Evacuation’, ‘D-day Landings’ and ‘VE-day’.

D-day landings
D-day landing poster
Evacuation Poster
Note-taking – information collected about the children of the Second World War.


In science, we have looked at actions and reactions. Then we conducted our own investigations. Next, we designed and built our own modes of transport.

Mode pf transport designed to carry an egg safely from A to B.
Labelled design of a parachute that will safely carry an egg from A to B

After exploring different structures of bridges we designed and built our own.

We then put our investigative skills to the test by designing and constructing bridges. We formed our own hypothesis and then tested them.

Design Technology

Design and make an air-raid shelter.

The children were asked to show the inside and outside of their air-raid shelter.
The finished project!

What a fantastic learning experience this has been for all of us. Using the virtual platform has helped us to carry on and grow as learners.

Thank you to the parents for their continuous support.

Mr H