Elm Class Term 3, 2019/20


Introduction to the Pythagoras’ Theorem. The children understand the relationship between the three sides  of the right angled triangle and know how to find the unknown side when two sides are provided. We identified Positive and Negative numbers and then followed the BIDMAS rule to find the order of operation. We worked on finding and remembering Prime and Square Numbers and then used them while solving various problems based on the Pythagoras’ theorem.

We worked on simplifying expressions and then used provided values of x to find our answers. We investigated with some linear and quadratic equations, built their functions and and tried to find their real life application (launching a rocket/ taking off and landing of a plane, trajectory of a basketball, curves on bridges/ Eiffel Tower, calculated our pocket money allowance, depending on our behaviour and hard work etc). The children could evidently link the real life problems/application with their complex functions and now can spot them around much more readily.

Mathematics/Art – Pythagorean tree

Art – “They made a difference” Robin and her Elms and Oaks (portraits)


We discussed the importance of balanced diet and how much physical exercise we need in order to stay healthy. We experimented and discussed the effects of physical activities on our heart rate and then recorded and compared our findings.       We built a model of our digestive system in order to understand what really happens to the food that we eat . It didn’t look that delicious…

Pop-pop steam boat and Hydraulic hand (Leonardo da Vinci’s robot) – important inventions and they made a difference. (Based on our previous science topic: – we solved various problems to find out how FORCE, ENERGY and WORK are related, -investigated with pushes and pulls, – implemented hydraulic system, used cogs and gears). We carried out our investigations and made accurate measurements to gather data and test the hypothesis. We identified patterns in the results and drew conclusions based on the evidence. On various occasions we had to retest our findings and suggest ways in which our investigations and desired models could be improved.


The main purpose of this « FOOD REVOLUTION » (We can cook our own lunch for the whole week) was to practice team building skills, plan and prepare a healthy meal and most importantly gain or practice basic culinary skills. During this project, the children also worked on demonstrating and improving their table manners. It was pleasing to observe the young chefs, waiters and guests participating and communicating extremely well with each other. Master chefs stayed determined while preparing their three course meals even though it was tough to accomplish the challenge in a short period of time.   We learnt that it was important to stay focused and organised  until the last moment and realised that last push could make the difference for the team. Thank you and well done to all Oak and Elm class students for  their dedication, determination and hard work during our «Food revolution» project linked to IMYC topic « It made a difference. They made a difference »


We’ve peeled some veg,

Then cooked our lunch.

Then baked a cake,

What a charming bunch.

We’ve tried something new,

And it was quite delicious.

It was all organic,

So don’t be suspicious.

We’ve learnt a new skill,

And now can cook for our parents.

We will do it with love,

No need to buy presents.

Not scared of broccoli, parsnips

Or carrots,

Will eat them with pleasure,

And not for the merits.

Did stuff some tomatoes,

And made some pancakes.

Now feeling quite strong,

And can fly over great lakes.

We’ve made some delicious soup,

And spicy fajitas.

I am ready to run,

Where are my Adidas?

Broccoli linguine

and banana bread,

I am so full,

And not ready for bed.

Was happy to give up my break,

And tidy the kitchen.

It is good to eat healthy,

And what’s your position?

Clock Workshop

Art Workshop (The discovery of perspective) with Mariana Gonzalez (Local artist, Saint-Germain-en-Laye)

The children learnt :

  • how to observe and spot small mistakes
  • how to use one point perspective and vanishing point
  • how to draw different lines
  • about the mentality and art evolution from the Middle ages to the Renaissance

ART/DT project Vertical pulley-ball game

‘Estimate and Measure Try and try again!!! Am I correct??? Do I need to check again???’ ‘It does not fit!!! What did I do wrong? How do I correct my mistake???’  ‘I can do this!!!’

Linked to our learning in IMYC, we measured, estimated and solved real life problems, where we worked out different materials that we could use for our own Vertical pulley-ball game. By using gained knowledge of the 2D and 3D shapes, the children experimented, designed and built their very own fully functional game. It was evident for the children to spot their mistakes and realise where they went wrong. The children planned and designed their own lay out of the game, then brainstormed and shared their ideas and only then picked the best ones to create an exciting object for others to play and enjoy. This game was built out of recycled materials and some that we could find around the school. The main learning point of this project was not just to build the ‘Vertical pulley-ball game’ but also to put our planning and mathematical skills in practice.  We persevered when something did not work out straight away and we were determined to do it again. The children also learnt how to use different carpentry tools and gained knowledge and skills will be appreciated when you will embark on a DIY project in your house.

Mona Lisa smile,

And tic-tock clock.

Hydraulic hand,

And pop-pop boat.

Freestanding lighthouse,

And key-padlock game,

Times table challenge,

And scientific board of fame.

Digestive system,

and my heart rate.

Have been so busy,

And I did it all with my best mate.

Pythagorean tree,

And gigantic vertical game.

I’ve learnt so much this term,

I am not the same.

Did draw in perspective,

And vanishing point.

If you see any mistakes,

Please don’t be shy, just simply pinpoint.

Made my own soup,

And will make my own bar of soap.

I will make you proud,

There is always hope.

Mona Lisa – Optical illusion – Maël and his Mona


Birch, Maple and Chestnuts classes visiting our museum

Enjoy your holiday!!!

Best wishes,

Elm and Vlad