Middle School Term 2 News

Elm Class, Middle School, Term 2 News and Updates. Academic Year 2018-2019.

Super Cycling Man

During this term, the Elm class children (Middle School) embarked on an adventure to find various creative people and situations. They tried to find the creativity within themselves and use it to the best of their abilities.

We studied biographies, information text, newspaper articles and books that inspired us in different ways. We found out how creativity can lead to some important discoveries and tried to use the creativity on a daily basis. The children had a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate their creative side while making costumes, dancing, singing, creating props and performing on the stage during our Christmas Show.

Linked to IMYC/Geography, the children found out about similarities and differences between particular localities and discussed numerous environmental issues involved. We were inspired by Rob Greenfield and Will Hodson, and impressed by the work that they do to help people while tackling important issues.

Linked to IMYC/Chemistry, we discovered and discussed the history of soap making, aromatherapy and how perfumes were invented and used in the past.